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  1. Provost Office approves funding for LED Exit Signs

    The Office of the Provost approved $75,000 in one-time funding for the next step in the LED Exit Sign retrofit project.  The funding of $75,000 is for LED Exit Sign lighting replacement, additions, and new building surveys.  Material and labor of $70,000 would be used to replace 343 fixtures in 20 buildings at an average rate of $204/fixture.  An additional $5,000 is proposed to survey 50 campus buildings for exit light counts.  That will provide the input necessary for the next phase, once this phase is completed.

  2. EGEN SWATeam Meeting (3.10.17)

    The EGEN SWATeam held another bi-weekly meeting. Topics covered include:

    • Associate Director for Campus Sustainability Ximing Cai and his vision for iSEE
    • Biomass boiler at Energy Farm
    • Opportunities for Geothermal on campus
  3. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

    1) Comments needed on Illini Lights Out (ILO) recommendation;

    2) Illini Lights Out final planning for 10th of March;

    3) Building level energy consumption report;

    4) Participation in Earth Hour and Earth week activities on campus;

    5) Updates on the Green Labs Coordinator;

    6) Planning for a campus walk focused on space utilization.


  4. iWG Meeting Notes from Jan. 27, 2017

    The iCAP Working Group met and discussed the following agenda items.  Meeting notes are attached.

    1. Brief iCAP Portal overview by Morgan
    2. Discuss any updates to Water002, Cooling Tower Increase COC
    3. Discuss Trans008, Bike Parking in Ramps
    4. Discuss updates to Econs004, Green Labs Coordinator
    5. Consider issues with recommendation process and view recommendation tracker

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  5. Sustainability staff discussed the outreach programs on the portal

    Morgan Johnston, Catherine Yee, and Chenxi Jiang met today to discuss the outreach information listed on the iCAP Portal.  Catherine described the Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) and the Certified Green Office Program (CGOP).  We also discussed the Earth Week efforts and the overall purpose of the SSLC as a networking opportunity for students in sustainability groups.

  6. archived info - previous project description

    Associated Project(s): 

    A main component of the 2010 iCAP is to engage the outside community in working to create a more sustainable campus. The University of  Illinois is working to enhance its engagement activities in the arena of sustainability. Champaign County Network (CCNet) is an effort to engage the campus and the surrounding community in a shared discourse on the critical sustainability and climate issues ahead. The University's Office of Corporate Relations is working to enhance collaborations with corporations in sustainability activities.

    The iCAP provides an opportunity to engage the outside community in a dialogue on the University’s role in helping to resolve community climate responses. For example, the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) is designed to provide assistance to public and private interests in reducing and conserving their operational energy use in buildings. This type of information is an important step in developing meaningful solutions to climate change.

  7. March 3, 2017 Meeting


    Summary: This meeting served to update and refocus the team, as well as to further discuss Lily Wilcox’s suggestion for her bike-cage recommendation.

    In attendance:

    Josh Feldman

    Morgan Johnston

    Brian Farber

    Pete Varney

    Lily Wilcox - Active Transportation Coordinator

    Topics Covered:

    New IWG chair – Ximing Cai

    Ben McCall has stepped down as the iCAP working group chair and will be replaced by Ximing Cai, who will start on March 1st. Morgan Johnston will serve as the interim chair until then. Ximing wants to tie iSEE to other campus sustainability programs better, and wants faculty outside of iSEE more involved.

    IWG wants recommendations

    The iCAP working group is asking for feedback as to how well recommendations are working from our perspective. They hope to have a summary for recommendations by May. For instance, you might note that it is hard to have faculty engagement, or that the SWATeam isn’t getting enough feedback. If you have suggestions you would like IWG to hear, email Morgan Johnston.

    Bike Parking Cage proposal

    Last semester, Lily Wilcox introduced a suggestion to have secure cages for bike storage in all new parking structures. Those who would like to use these structures would pay for a permit. The team has not yet decided to agree completely on the proposal as we are still working out how to address some specific concerns.

    The most important concern is cost. These cages are expected to cost approximately $60,000, and will be in use for the 30-50 year lifespan of the parking structure. Morgan noted that these cages would likely be in high demand, so we could charge upwards of $85-$100 per year for a permit, similar to universities like Ohio State and Minnesota.

    Additionally, we discussed who the primary customers would be. Likely, the primary buyers would be day-riders and some students. Morgan suggested that we talk to campus recreation about the idea as well.

    Finally, we discussed some of the implementation challenges of the proposal. Brian mentioned that having bike riders in a parking garage create a safety hazard as cars may not be aware of or expect bike riders. Furthermore, any malfunction of the card-swipe system would be a huge inconvenience for anyone who needs to retrieve their bike.

    Overall, we have not yet formally agreed to go ahead with the recommendation but will continue to discuss it until we work out these issues.

    Next Meeting

    Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 16 at 1pm. This meeting will take place on Thursday so as to not be right before spring break.

  8. Work Order created for engineering work

    Associated Project(s): 

    Work Request 253325 converted to Work Order 10519389


    Work Order: 10519389



    Department Reference:


    Customer Description:

    WO for engineering services for solar funding for Speech and hearing sciences



    Phase: 001 DESIGN SERVICES

  9. Weekly Update

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, last week we had 114 visitors. We grossed $997.25. We sold two bikes for $210 and six memberships for $180. The new hires are coming along, with only minor hiccups here and there.

    Last week Lily and I assisted with the University High School Agora Days class that a Bike Project member was leading.  For Four days last week we went over various bike repair basics, focusing on tires/tubes, minor brake adjustments, chains, and a how-to on bike fitting. The kids were genuinely interested and engaged, and no one minded getting a little dirty. The only downside was the one-hour limit on each day’s class.

    Lily and I also met to discuss the implementation of some bike classes for which she so adeptly secured funding.

    This week I will get a job posting up for more student workers, as one new hire is MIA and a few others are graduating. I will continue to work on the departmental bike share bikes for F&S as well as bikes for sale here, as our stock isn’t quite as robust as I would like pre-spring rush.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  10. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

    1) Discuss and comment on attached recommendation for institutionalizing Illini Lights Out;

    2) Illini Lights Out final planning for 24th of February;

    3) Participation in Earth Hour activities on campus;

    4) Discussion on what else to accomplish this year.

  11. GRITS update

    Associated Project(s): 

    Greetings from all of us at SEI! We're excited to share that our GRITS Library has surpassed 2,000 projects! We're also happy to announce our new web site,, and highlight the new features of GRITS 1.7. We hope many of you can join us for a March 15 GRITS 1.7 Walkthrough webinar.

    This week, the GRITS Library surpassed 2,000 projects! The Library is full of completed projects that allow users to learn from one another and get inspired to do more. Collectively, these projects have achieved impressive results:

    We’re excited to announce the launch of, a website devoted to SEI’s powerful, time-saving platform for planning, tracking, and sharing data from all of your energy, financial, and carbon-saving projects. The new website profiles the benefits and features of GRITS and provides easy access to free trials, GRITS videos, guides, and more. We hope you'll take a minute to visit

  12. PWR SWATeam Minutes

    At the PWR SWATeam meeting on Feb. 22nd, the team discussed the current campus paper policy. The team will work on reviewing and improving the paper policy to ensure all departments are meeting standards for recycled paper content and identifying reasons for lack of participation. 

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  13. Building Level Energy Consumption Report

    Associated Project(s): 

    1) We used total energy use by year in MMBTU (FY08-FY2016) and created a bar chart. Then we converted the MMBTU to BTU, and divided the number by GSF to get the energy use intensity (EUI). We used both bar charts and added them to the presentation for the Lincoln Hall.

    2) We made a research to find out what Notable Energy Events occured in the Lincoln Hall:

    • FY09 T-12 to T-8 Lighting Retrofit;
    • FY11-12 LEED Platinum Renovation;
    • FY14 Retrocommissioning;
    • FY15 ECIP winner;
    • FY16 Illini Lights Out pilot.

    3) iCAP Portal projects at Lincoln Hall:


  14. Requesting approval as Master Naturalist volunteer site

    Associated Project(s): 

    The ECIMN Advisory Board meets on the third Monday of the month from 3-5 pm.  Karen Folk and Eliana Brown will present the Red Oak Rain Garden as a requested site for approval as an official volunteer location for the Master Naturalists.  Once Board approval is granted, Maddy Kangas will work to complete the MOU with F&S, similar to the Idea Garden agreement.

    The effort could be set up in three phases: 1. Assessment 2. Renovation 3. Maintenance.

  15. Carbon Credit funding approved for Virtual Storeroom

    The Carbon Credit sales funding has been approved by Director of iSEE Evan DeLucia and Interim Executive Director of F&S Helen Coleman for buying 10,000 additional carbon offsets, when purchasing the 103,000 replacement offsets from the carbon credits sold from 2015.  The additional carbon offsets will be used as the initial inventory for a new Virtual Storeroom for carbon offsets being developed by iSEE for on campus users.

  16. Meeting to initiate the work order

    Associated Project(s): 

    F&S staff met to discuss the Speech and Hearing Sciences Building Rooftop Solar PVs project.  Managing Engineer Kristine Chalifoux and Electrical Engineer Brian Finet will take the lead on the design.  The design will use a ballast mounting system, real time energy meters, and an online solar dashboard.

  17. Arbor Day Celebration planned for April 28, 2017

    Associated Project(s): 

    Five trees will be planted on the South Quad of campus, for the Arbor Day Celebration, on April 28, 2017. The agenda includes a welcome, a reading of the proclamation, an educational speech, the tree planting, and a trivia game.  Attendees will each be invited to add a shovel of soil to the newly planted trees.