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  1. Weekly Update

    All, last week we totaled 99 visitors to the Campus Bike Center (I blame the rain). Our sales were at $1,104. We sold one Build-a-Bike; three refurbished bikes for $570; five memberships for $150; $102  in tires/tubes; and $93 in locks.

    Beyond the numbers, last week was a doozy! We had Bike To Work Day on Tuesday and it was a great success. While I haven’t heard any official numbers, I estimated about 50 or so people at our station. There were 400 official registrants online as of 6am the morning of BTWD. And of course, the chilly and windy weather probably kept a few people home. Lorenzo, a CBC staffer, was interviewed for a Fox Illinois news piece during the event.

    On Wednesday we had a CBC staff meeting/pizza party. 7/8ths of the CBC student staffers were able to make it and we had a  good discussion and reflection on the experiences of working at the Campus Bike Center and how we can improve looking towards the future of the Center.

    On a sad note, Friday I got news that staffer extraordinaire Logan will not be able to work at the CBC this summer, as he’s taking a job up in Minnesota. I will have to scramble a bit to find his replacement (an impossible task, given his skills and familiarity with the Center).

    This week I will be interviewing for summer help, building bikes, checking on our Housing donation racks, and juggling all the weird finals scheduling mess that throws off everyone’s normal shifts for working here.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  2. Weekly update for Zero Waste

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    Hello all,

    Here are my updates from last week:

    • Met with Jessica Tran, a resident of Ashton Woods, to discuss graduate and family housing recycling; sent follow-up questions to Morgan.
    • Signed off on the label for glass recycling that Anna Barnes created.
    • Reviewed iWG minutes and draft assessments related to recommendations from the PWR SWATeam related to the CAM paper policy and the recycling component of the ethics training video and paragraph summary thereof; also reviewed a draft assessment of the ECBS SWATeam recommendation to conduct the “Illini Lights Out” program ongoing. The assessments are in draft form and are being circulated for iWG member comments.
    • Updated the iCAP portal with my name and email address for zero-waste staffing.
    • Updated battery recycling description in the iCAP portal.


    Marya Ryan
    Zero Waste Coordinator


  3. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was oddly slow at times. We had 110 visitors.  We grossed $956.60. We sold eight memberships for $275; one refurbished bike for $70; one build-a-bike for $96;  and $144 in tires/tubes.

    Last week I prepped for Bike To Work Day, attended a Bike Project Meeting, built bikes and helped organize an end-of-semester lunch get-together for CBC staffers and the TDM team. I spoke with a Parking employee and he expressed a great interest and appreciation for the Housing bike rack program and as of last week we’ve got one donated bike, but again, it’s still well before graduation.  

    I have been getting a lot of questions about summer hours at the Campus Bike Center, which is a little disconcerting for our publicity and visibility on campus. But then again, can’t fault people for being on the academic calendar at a University.

    On this week’s agenda is Bike To Work Day, which promises to be a great day for sustainability and healthfulness! This week will also be the last official BikeFace-operated Friday Ride. While hopefully they will continue in some fashion, they will no longer be organized and put on by BikeFace UIUC.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  4. Real-time meter funding

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    The Business Instructional Facility (BIF) was designed for future use of greywater, which is either recaptured water or raw (untreated) water. Although the building is fed from the potable water supply, there is separate piping for the restroom facilities and similar greywater-viable systems in the building. Data from about potential use of greywater can be very valuable for campus and others to know how much water can a building use for flushing toilets, comparing to the potable water we actually need, such as drinking water. In spring 2017, members of the Water SWATeam submitted a proposal about implementing a real-time water meter to the Student Sustainability Committee, and it got approved. They are working with Facilities & Services (F&S) to purchase the real-time meter and install it. Then this data will be made available publicly, so the students can use them for research or different sustainability questions. 

  5. Weekly update for Zero Waste

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    Hello all,

    Here are my updates from last week:

    • Met with Morgan to learn how to enter information into the iCAP portal. I plan to update zero waste coordination activities in the coming week.
    • Received campus maps from Morgan so that I can start mapping the existing locations of outdoor trash bins. This information will help inform decisions about where to locate dual bins.
    • Reviewed recommendations from the PWR SWATeam regarding battery recycling, the need to implement the draft CAM paper purchasing policy, and a recycling component of the campus ethics training video.


    Marya Ryan
    Zero Waste Coordinator


  6. eGen007 recommendation for second solar farm

    Attached is a recommendation submitted by the EGEN SWATeam for consideration. We believe this recommendation will advance sustainability goals set forth by the 2015 iCAP.

    The EGEN SWATeam appreciates any feedback resulting from consideration of this recommendation.

  7. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

    1) Follow up from April 14 Illini Lights Out;

    2) Reports from success of Eco-Olympics;

    3) Continued discussions on Karl’s work with ACES and other buildings;

    4) Energy efficiency standard for UIUC;

    5) Dr. Ximing Cai, new Associate Director for Campus Sustainability came to meet the team;

    6) SWATeam next meeting time and date:  May 11th, from 3:30 to 5 pm. 


  8. Water & ALUFS Joint Meeting Minutes 4/27/17

    Water & Stormwater SWATeam and the Agriculture, Land Use, Food & Sequestration (ALUFS) SWATeam had a joint meeting to discuss shared objectives and project ideas. 

  9. Morgan Johnston speaks to Parkland Board of Trustees

    In support of installing solar PVs at Parkland College, Morgan Johnston spoke to the Parkland College Board of Trustees, as requested by their VP of Institutional Advancement and Sustainability Coordinator.  Ms. Johnston shared the benefits and lessons learned from the university's solar farm installation.

  10. March 2016 Sustainability Council Recommendations & Next Steps

    Director of iSEE, Evan DeLucia, summarized three recommendations presented at the March 2016 Sustainability Council meeting: EGen005 Rooftop Solar Standard, EGen003 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Timeline, and ECons003 Conservation Budget, as well as the next steps, for Chancellor Jones’ approval.

  11. Minutes 4/21/2017

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    The Purhcasing, Waste, and Recycling SWAT Team met to disucss topics including the ethics compliance video and battery recyling. The SWAT Team decided on three recommendations to make to the Associate Director of Campus Sustainability, Ximing Cai. These reccomendations include: 

    1. Promoting the Ethics Compliance Video with a written summary

    2. Implement the approved Paper Policy draft

    3. Continue battery recycling on campus 

    The SWAT Team also discussed efforts to increase recycling/lower the use of paper on campus. One avenue the team considered is urging RSOs to use less paper to promote their activities during Quad Day. 

    Attached Files: 
  12. Weekly update for Zero Waste

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    Hello all,

    Here are my updates from last week:

    • I attended the PWR SWATeam meeting, during which the team decided to finalize and forward its recommendations for a CAM paper policy. I need to obtain a document showing the recommendations, as I did not see a final version of it. They also discussed comments they had provided for the Ethics Office video supporting recycling compliance. They will cc Morgan and Micah on the message containing the recommendations. The group discussed avenues to promote sustainability and the behaviors that support it at the marathon, at Quad Day, and during EOH.
    • I communicated with Jessica Tran to set up a meeting regarding recycling options for Family and Graduate Housing.


    Marya Ryan
    Zero Waste Coordinator


  13. April 21st, 2017 Meeting

    Meeting Minutes 4/21/17

    In attendance:

    Ximing Cai

    Pete Varney

    Brian Farber

    Yanfeng Ouyang



    This meeting serve to continue discussion on campus fleet, bike parking, and campus parking. Also, Ximing Cai was introduced to the team.



    Discussion on Campus Fleet

    Pete led a discussion on campus fleet efforts. He stated that converting campus fleet to EVs and CNG vehicles would have a large effect on campus emissions, and that campus utility is interested in learning about electric vehicles, but there are certain obstacles to converting campus fleet. First it would cost about half a million dollars or more. These costs are largely attribute to building infrastructure for CNG refueling systems. In addition, campus fleet vehicles for Facilities and Services as well as housing do not drive very far, so the fuel savings would be small. However, converting campus fleet would be practical as the vehicles do not travel off campus, meaning there will be no inconvenience in refueling the vehicles.

    Bike Parking

    We continued our discussion on bike parking from the last meeting. One of our concerns, given the cost of the permits, is security. Anyone who is paying for a permit must be certain that there bike is secure. We might want to have security cameras.


    We discussed efforts to encourage less driving through parking incentives. Pete suggested having a passenger-car-free campus zone by placing parking outside of certain zones of campus. This idea was well received by the group and generally liked. However, we discussed challenges to any parking changes. We discussed specific proposals to adjust parking prices, shown here:

    -          Try to price people out of parking and mitigate this by reducing the price at other locations

    -          Allow flexible payment in percentage of salary

    -          Have and “auction” in which whoever pays the largest percent of their salary gets the closest location.

    -          Remove or lift parking cap so that wealthier parkers pay more and thus provide more revenue

    -          Have a private company raise rates on parking


    Then, we discussed challenges to these proposals:

    -          Parking is important to unions – any changes may result in strikes or political conflict

    -          The sentiment of Parking and Campus master plan does not necessarily agree with people parking farther away – an objective that would be achieved through a passenger-car-free zone

    -          Hiring private company likely not a good idea – their primary motivation is profit

    -          City of Champaign changed parking ordinances so that spaces at churches, fraternities, etc, decrease


    Our next meeting is TBD.


  14. Water & Stormwater Meeting Minutes 4/13/2017

    Discussion of upcoming joint meeting with Agriculture, Land Use, Food and Sequestration (ALUF) SWAT. Development of ideas for student projects, including georeferenced inventory for F&S, analysis of green roofs and solar panels, and phoshorus monitoring of stormwater.