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  1. Eco-Olympics update

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    Eco-Olympics is off to a great start to our 2017 competition! In order to increase student participation, we created a prize for the hall with the highest amount of participation. We have 11 buildings in the competition and 110 total number of students signed up to participate. You are invited you to look at the current results by going to the following page:

  2. Parking Lot F-4 potential site

    Parking Department facility manager, Mike Wise, shared the following information.  "I will be submitting the resurfacing project for lot F4 as a FY19 Project in June/July of 2018. Then an Architect will be selected and design begins. Bidding and Construction will follow. Ideas can start now though so that we can vet them and include a finalized Program with the project request."

  3. PWR SWATeam Minutes 3/29

    Meeting Minutes 3/29

    During this meeting, the PWR SWAT Team coordinated with Marya Ryan, the new Zero Waste Coordinator. We discussed previous campus efforts for multiple different projects like composting and recycling as well as introduced ourselves to one another. 

    The SWAT Team also was updated on progress with reviewing the Paper Policy Draft comments and will finish this review by next meeting. 

    Furthermore, a discussion of composting efforts on campus was discussed and an effort to create a comprehensive map of waste pickup routes will be created. 

    Next meeting is TBD.

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  4. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was feast or famine, visitors-wise. We had all-stands-full for most of Friday—even with the bad weather--and hardly a visitor in the first two hours on Wednesday. We didn’t do a lot of large sales and the numbers reflect that; most visitors were just tuning up their bikes with small consumables. Our visitor total for last week was 91.

    We grossed $617.25 for the week. Sold six memberships for $180; 18 tires for $85; eight tubes for $36; and three locks for $69.

    Last week—with Lily’s help--I was able to streamline the stolen bike reports that come in through bike@illinois so I can disseminate that info on to bike shops, advocacy orgs, and businesses and thereby increase the chances (in theory) of recovering the thieved property.

    This week I will continue to build bikes, search for and field job applicants for the summer months and begin coordinating and organizing for next month’s Bike to Work Day and the May 10th Moonlight Bike Drive event.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  5. 1 Week Done!

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    Hello Eco-Olympic followers!

    I encourage you all to add us on Facebook ! Teams are encouraged to post pictures throughout the competition so you can all follow along!

    Check out how your hall and others are doing at this link  . Starting Tuesday, you can go to and click on your hall to find the results.

    Below are the current results for sign up participation. Way to go Allen Hall!


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  6. March 31, 2017 Meeting

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    Meeting Minutes 4.3.17

    In attendance:

    Josh Feldman – SWATeam Clerk

    Shuang Chen

    Ximing Cai – iSEE director




    Due to poor scheduling, several members were not able to show up to the meeting. However, it was a good chance for Shuang Chen, a student who is working to update the iCAP portal objectives, to learn about the group. Also, the new iSEE director Ximing Cai was in attendance, and plans to attend future transportation SWATeam meetings.


    Shuang had several questions to ask about the transportation SWATeam’s objectives. Josh answered the questions to the best of his knowledge and also wrote down the questions so that other members of the team could respond via email. Below are the questions.


    -          Can you provide a good overview of the bike plan and the fleet objectives?

    -          What is the main purpose of the UI fleet? Transportation? Construction?

    -          What is the exact amount/percentage of air travel emissions our campus produces?

    -          Which objective do you believe is the most important? Which has impressed you the most, or made the most progress?

    -          How does our bike plan compare with other universities’ bike plans?


    Next meeting: Thursday 4/13 at 1pm

  7. EGEN SWATeam Meeting (3.30.17)

    The EGEN SWATeam held another bi-weekly meeting. Topics covered include:

    • Performing preliminary assessment for clean energy PPA
    • Fact sheet using solar farm as basis to estimate land needs and costs of additional solar farm to meet iCAP goal
    • Update on biomass boiler at energy farm
    • Identifying opportunities to purseu implementation of ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology on campus.
  8. ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

    On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

    1) Final review of Illini Lights Out (ILO) recommendation;

    2) Scott Willenbrock visiting April 14 meeting;

    3) Updates:

    - iCAP Portal.  Work of Morgan and Chenxi Jiang;

    - Earth Hour photo;

    - Eco-Olympics;

    - Green Lab Coordinator

    4) SWATeam next meeting time and date:  April 13th, from 3:30 to 5 pm. 

  9. Water & Stormwater SWAT Meeting Minutes 3/30/2017

    Updates and discussion of greywater meter, greywater design standards, cooling tower cycles of concentration, water use dashboard, and student outreach. 

  10. Weekly Update

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    All, the shop was closed for Spring Break, so going back two weeks to 3/13 – 3/17: Visitors totaled 60. We grossed $839.20. We sold 4 memberships for $120; one refurbished bike for $180; and one build-a-bike for $134.

    This week I will be prepping for summer staff, building bikes, organizing/cleaning, getting in touch with the new supply representative, and attempting to streamline the reporting of stolen bikes.

    Additionally, the Bike Project is hosting a bike light giveaway at Douglass Park in Champaign on Sunday (April 2nd;  2 - 5pm) that I will promote this week.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  11. Let the games begin!

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    Hey all!

    The competition has begun! It will run until 4/17. We are close to having the live results up so you can check how your hall is doing. I'll send out a link when that is complete.

    You are competing for a catered banquet or a $200-500 prize of your choice. Start saving energy, signing people up for Eco-Olympics, and having events.

    For your convenience, I have attached the participation outline that specifies how to win points for that $200-500 prize.

    Reach out with any questions and good luck!


    Jessica Mondello

    Eco-Olympics | Director

    Think Globally. Act Locally.

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  12. iSEE welcomes Professor Wood

    iSEE welcomes Gillen D’Arcy Wood, environmental author, and Professor of English at Illinois, as an Institute Faculty Affiliate. Wood will provide leadership for the new campuswide Certificate in Environmental Writing program co-created by iSEE, the School of Earth, Society and Environment (SESE), and the Department of English. He will also serve as editor of The Green Century, a new environmental magazine featuring student works.

  13. Stormwater Utility Fee overview

    The University pays a stormwater utility fee to both the City of Urbana and the City of Champaign.  The fee is based on total impervious area that drains into city-owned storm sewers. If stormwater drains into university-owned sewers then directly discharges to a receiving stream, there is no fee assessed.

    • The current rate for the City of Champaign is $5.24/3,478 sq ft.
    • The current rate for the City of Urbana is $5.14/3,100 sq ft.

    There are credits and incentives that the university can apply toward the stormwater utility fee. By maintaining compliance with the university’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES), the university receives a 5% credit from each city. Additionally, each city has their own Credit and Incentive Manual (attached) which provides an opportunity for the university to reduce their stormwater utility fee by reducing the impact of the runoff from their properties by methods such as installing sustainable storm water practices that allow stormwater to infiltrate into the ground. The manuals have specific guidelines on how to calculate the credits based on the particular stormwater practices that are employed.

  14. Pricing Breaks for higher quantities

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    Hi Solar UC Advisory Committee,

    The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) has accepted the Solar Urbana-Champaign Advisory Committee’s recommendation and contracted with New Prairie Construction to install solar arrays for the second round of our group buy program.  MREA and New Prairie Construction have agreed to an amended fee schedule whereby New Prairie will be providing a rebate which will be paid to program participants who sign a contract for services by August 31, 2017 according to the following schedule: $.03/watt if the program reaches 50-150 kW of total capacity; $.06/watt for 150-250 kW; $.09/watt for installed capacity in excess of 250 kW. 

    Please keep an eye on as we will be announcing Solar Power Hours very soon.  Please share these event announcements through your networks and let us know of any ideas for additional public engagement.




    Scott R. Tess

    Environmental Sustainability Manager

    City of Urbana, IL

    P: 217-384-2381   -   F: 217-819-3167

    706 S. Glover Ave. Urbana, IL 61802

    Walk Score®61 out of 100


    Plan Your Bus Trip or 384-8188

  15. Rates of participation in Eco-Olympics by residence hall

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    Hello Eco-Olympic followers!

    It's not too late to sign up! For those who have their team up and running, I highly encourage you all to meet before spring break begins. Once we get back, the competition is on! If you let me know the time and place, I can bring shirts to hand out.

    Here is the count of participants signed up for each hall:

    Remember that each person signed up gives your one point towards the participation price! Have some tabling events to get people interested!


    Jessica Mondello
    Eco-Olympics | Director

    Think Globally. Act Locally.