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  1. Most of the planting complete

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    This project is ongoing, but all milestones in the SSC grant request have been met. Purchases of additional plants were made in multiple batches, and they have been added to beds on the south, east, and north sides of LAR in addition to the shared courtyard between LAR and Allen Hall. There are a few plants that still need to be planted, but most are in the ground at this time.


  2. Total campus GHG Emissions FY08-FY16

    Greenhouse gas emissions are generally categorized into three “scopes.” Scope 1 consists of emissions resulting from on-campus activities that we have direct control over and includes combustion at Abbott Power Plant, fleet emissions, and agricultural emissions. Scope 2 consists of emissions resulting from purchased electricity, which we have a moderate degree of control over. For example, we could reduce Scope 2 emissions by entering into power purchase agreements with low-carbon energy sources such as wind farms, biomass power plants, or nuclear power plants. Scope 3 consists of other emissions that occur off campus as a result of campus activities; these include commuting, air travel, solid waste, and the effects of purchasing goods and services.

    This metric is the total of the three scopes.

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  3. Archived info - SSC marketing subcommittee info

    Here are the tasks we need to focus on starting with the highest priority.  1st Web Development. The website looks pretty nice but its content is lacking particularly in the projects page. There are pictures missing for many completed and under construction projects (I am currently working on that).   2nd Encourage more people to work on working groups. The more people involved in the process the more of an impact the committee will have on campus.   3rd Have more people, particularly students, submit proposals   4th Have the committee be known throughout campus. I would be willing to do some research to see what percentage of the school knows about it now to measure our effectiveness.   If you know anyone who is interested in social media, photography, videography, or writing, please encourage them to join.  I hope to see everyone soon, Marlon Mueller-Soppart

  4. MTD Newsletter for August 2017

    Welcome to MTD's Fall 2017 Service Year

    MTD’s 2017-18 service year began yesterday and new Maps & Schedules books are now available on our buses and at Illinois Terminal. Pick up yours today & let us know if you have any questions-just call 217.384.8188 or email us.

    In addition to a few timetable and routing adjustments, our passengers and the public should be aware of several larger changes this year: MTD has moved to a Designated Stops system, Round Barn Road in Champaign is now the main transfer point for routes in west Champaign, and MCORE project work will continue to cause reroutes in and around Campustown.
    School trips for Unit 4 and District 116 middle and high schoolers will begin this Wednesday, August 16, and just prior to University of Illinois classes beginning Monday, August 28, all summer service reductions will end on Friday, August 25. 

    See you soon on the bus, trail, sidewalk or at Illinois Terminal!

    Introducing Designated Stops

    MTD's Fall 2017 Service Year began on Sunday, August 13, 2017, the same day our new Maps & Schedules book went into effect. 

    One major change this fall is the introduction of system-wide designated stops. Several Open Houses were held to solicit input from the public, and MTD staff compiled and incorporated the comments into our planning process. A full list of designated stops locations and maps are available at in our "Documents" section under Designated Stops Fall 2017.

    We're here to help you with this new system. To find or verify your nearest designated stop, give us a call at 217.384.8188 or send us an email

    State of the (Illini) Union

    MCORE Project work in front of the Illini Union is progressing and reroutes are ongoing. Follow MTD on Facebook or Twitter for reroute information & updates, like this drone footage from Overhead Ag.

    Illinois Terminal Expansion Announced

    Developer Hans Grotelueschen’s major downtown Champaign project once sited at Washington and Walnut streets will move several blocks south and east to merge with a planned expansion of Illinois Terminal by the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD).

    As part of a new vision for this development, Grotelueschen and MTD officials are also evaluating a hockey arena and athletics event center for approximately 5000 spectators. In so doing, they hope to partner with the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA), which recently announced that it was studying the feasibility of adding Division I ice hockey. Read More>

    In the News

    Did you happen to catch MTD Grant Manager Jane Sullivan's Getting Personal piece in yesterday's News-Gazette or WCIA's recent story on Operator Goodrich? We're proud of our people! Take a few minutes to learn more about who drives MTD. 

  5. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was fairly busy. We had a few days wherein there was extended waiting times for free stands. We had been averaging about 100 people in the space per week but this week we were at 117, and I’m sure there were half a dozen who we missed. As it nears the Great Student Migration we’ll see more and more visitors.

    Sales: Overall: $1,661.20; refurbished bikes: 6 for $860; Build-a-Bikes: 2 for $220; memberships: 4 for $120; tire/tubes (new and used): 20 for $117.

    On Friday a Bike Project volunteer and I went to the warehouse and picked up about 20 bikes for refurbishment, 3 of which were Neutral Cycle rental bikes that were mistakenly confiscated. I coordinated with their manager to return them. As I was leaving the warehouse two college-aged kids walked up asking if they could “get a bike for $10”. It was a little suspicious.

    This week I will process and hopefully build up a lot of the bikes we pulled from the warehouse. With more and more people returning to campus, demand for bikes is ramping up. On the one hand, when we are low on for-sale bikes, it curbs the entitled customer corporate/retail space idea that a lot of people have when they come here. On the other hand, less bikes available for people who want to ride is definitely a bad thing.

    I plan to deactivate our “One Free Visit For One Small Repair” policy this week, as demand for stands and space is approaching its yearly zenith. This was successful last year and was agreed upon at the last Bike Project meeting. I’ll reinstate One Free Visit sometime in October when we are no longer operating beyond capacity.


    - Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager

  6. Weekly update for Zero Waste

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    Hello all,

    This past week, I

    • Attended a CURC webinar on how to engage more participation in campus recycling programs.
    • Drafted material to promote the glove recycling program, which is with Morgan and Anna. There is a lot of missing information, so this coming week, I will contact Kimberly-Clark and Fisher representatives to start filling it in.


    Marya Ryan
    Zero Waste Coordinator


  7. Discussion with Mr. Damon McFall regarding specifics during RCx 2008 in NCEL

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    A meeting was held with Mr. Damon McFall, director of Facilities and Operations, for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He was involved in all operations during retrocommissioning (RCx) in Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory (NCEL) in 2008. As I was going through the records, some questions regarding specific systems in the building and improvements during RCx 2008 came up. Mr. Damon McFall shared useful information at the meeting. Below are the major events that play important roles in energy consumption in the building.


    • Repaired faulty/non-functioning controls for 28 air handling units

    • Reduced number of exhaust fans and/or air quantities

    • Occupancy schedules were used to reduce fan systems at night & close outdoor air dampers

    • Replaced thermostats from aspirating to wall mount throughout building for better temperature control

    • New programmable controls replaced worn out pneumatic controls

    • Enhanced humidity control thereby saving chilled water costs

    • Centralize  all  the  departmental  servers  into  one  room

    • Group and relocate faculty and staff based on their desired temperature

  8. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was pretty relaxed. We only had 87 visitors into the space. Our sales were: $1,072 (overall); refurbed bikes: 5 for $640; memberships: 5 for $150; tires/tubes (new & used): 9 for $38.

    This week I have a meeting with a prospective student employee. I will also scrap the deluge of bikes that have been donated. Last week we received at least a dozen junk frames/broken bikes. A rare few of these bikes are salvageable, unfortunately. I will build bikes and continue to organize, clean, and otherwise prepare for the deluge of returning students in the coming weeks.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  9. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was slow at the beginning every day of the week but by around 4pm things would pick up drastically and we’d be “All Stands Full” for the last hour or so. I used to blame the uptick around 4pm on class schedules but it’s summer so now I have no idea why we get busier then.

    Visitors count was at 100 even (for the second week in a row, I believe).

    Total sales: $1,363.10; refurbished bike sales: 3 for $430; Build-a-Bikes: 3 for $250; memberships: 11 for $330; consumables (cables/housing, tires/tubes): 27 between the four of those, totaling $85.10.

    Last week was the conclusion of having Kameron, the high school student, helping here at the CBC. He really warmed up to being here, I think (or so I tell myself) and was much more comfortable organizing and sorting small esoteric bike parts than doing anything bigger like stripping or building up bicycles.

    On  Friday I made a bike run to the warehouse and picked up 10 bikes. I saw a great number of decent and capable commuter bikes, dotted amongst the majority of WalMart-level junk. It was good to get an injection of new bike blood into the crop of bikes available here.

    I also put the final touches on the ECS bike share bikes and outfitted them with baskets.

    This week I will process and build some of the new bikes as demand for for-sale bikes is increasing. I have begun to hear back from returning student staffers about possible scheduling, which is helpful, so I will continue to plan for that.  


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  10. Update from Joy Scrogum

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    Hello colleagues. I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the Illini Gadget Garage (IGG) project and alert you to some upcoming events which may be of interest.

    First of all, tomorrow, Tuesday August 1, we’re hosting a group laptop teardown activity from 10:15am-1:00pm. This event is for those who may be curious about/interested in the sort of “do-it-together” repair that is conducted at the IGG, but who feel a bit hesitant to try because of lack of experience, or because they fear they’ll cause further damage to their own device. We have a limited number of matching laptops that were donated as “practice” devices which we’ll be using to lead folks through the process of dismantling. This provides experience with using tools and with opening up an electronic device, so that individuals can feel empowered and more confident about opening a device in the future which may actually need repair. Space is limited, but we do have some seats still available. Sign up at If there is high demand, we’ll potentially hold a similar event in the near future. The workshop is free, though donations are welcome and can be made at

    Also, we’ll be hosting a screening of Death by Design, a documentary on the impacts of electronic devices on the environment and human health. The screening will take place on August 22 at the Champaign Public Library. After the film, I will facilitate a discussion/Q&A session featuring Industrial Design Professor William Bullock and Urbana U-Cycle Coordinator and Illinois Product Stewardship Council member Courtney Kwong as expert panelists. See for further information, including a trailer for the film. This is also a free event, with donations suggested and welcome to support future programming.

    If you missed last week’s webinar, “What the Tech? Learn Basic Electronic Component Function,” an archived recording and slides are available on our project web site at

    We’ll also have booths at Quad Day and the Taste of Champaign next month, as well as having project flyers distributed by our friends at the City of Urbana during the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival. So hopefully we’ll see a new wave of potential volunteers and clients coming to our workshop to learn about ways to keep their products in service longer, and out of the waste stream.

    We’re currently seeking sponsors to help keep our services free to the campus community, and to allow us to offer free-to-the public pop-ups in the broader, off-campus CU area. Additionally, we are offering a new “employee engagement event” service for businesses and organizations seeking a unique way to get their employees involved in sustainability discussions and efforts. See for more information.

    As some of you may remember, we experienced some setbacks with being able to be open to public, as our workshop required renovation to be ADA compliant. Thus, we have only be officially open to the general public since last fall, but we’ve still managed to have a significant positive impact:

    • We've diverted a total of 320.41 lbs. of devices from the landfill (140.88 lbs. during the spring semester alone). 
    • We've recycled a total of 78 lbs. of single-use batteries (and are now offering both single-use and rechargeable battery collection).
    • We've helped over 100 people to troubleshoot/repair their devices.

    We’ve also had students involved as volunteers, participants in UI courses that have collaborated  with the IGG, and as participants in the iFixit Technical Writing Project, creating repair guides that are shared on the iFixit web site so the spirit of collaborative repair that we foster is spread beyond our campus, and even beyond our state. See the “Our Impact” portion of our web site for more information.

    If you have questions, or would like to discuss potential collaborations, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope to see some of you at tomorrow’s workshop and at the documentary screening on the 22nd.

    Best wishes,


    Joy Scrogum

    Sustainability Specialist

    LEED Green Associate | ISSP-SA

    Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) | Prairie Research Institute

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    One Hazelwood Drive, Champaign, IL 61820

  11. Weekly update for Zero Waste

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    Hello all,

    Here are my updates from last week:

    • Contacted Midwest Fiber, which recently acquired CRI. CRI had quoted a price to provide glass recycling service to the Wounded Vets Center of $36-$48/month, depending on whether one or two 96-gallon toters would be needed. Midwest Fiber wants to do a site visit before giving a revised estimate. I will work this coming week to arrange it. The goal is to have service in place in a couple of weeks so that it is available when the majority of residents move in in August. I will also clarify with Nick that Wounded Vets will need to pay for the service.
    • Continued mapping the outdoor trash bins on campus as part of the project to replace them with dual recycling/trash bins.

    Marya Ryan
    Zero Waste Coordinator


  12. Weekly update for Zero Waste

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    Hello all,

    Here are my updates from last week:

    • Contacted Morgan for invoicing/account information to set up glass recycling for the Wounded Vets Center, which is planned to start in mid-August.
    • Started work on mapping where trash bins are on campus. I anticipate completing the task over the next couple of weekends when I am in town.

    Best regards,

    Marya Ryan
    Zero Waste Coordinator


  13. Building History Records

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    To get the noticeable events (such as remodeling and retrocommissioning) that happened in each building, Ms. Morgan Johnston, Ms. Anna Barnes, and I are reviewing the detailed records that F&S has for all projects on campus. This week, I focused on sorting through folders pertaining to records of the 10 selected buildings and marked documents that might be useful for the final energy report cards. Ms. Johnston will then share the marked documents with me.


    The next step is to read through all the shared documents and record noticeable events that contribute to the change in energy usage. Meanwhile, since energy usage for FY17 has become available, I will be updating the excel sheets and graphs created earlier to include the new data.


  14. Second Input session

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    On July 20, 2017, a second Public Input session was held for the update to the Red Oak Rain Garden.  Cameron Letterly presented two concepts for the rain garden, and groups of participants provided written and verbal feedback. 

  15. BIF Greywater Meter Recommendation - approved

    The Water and Stormwater SWATeam recommendation to install a real-time water meter on the greywater pipes in the Business Instructional Facility has been approved by F&S leadership.  This project will proceed with funding from the Student Sustainability Committee and F&S Utilities & Energy Services.