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  1. Weekly Update

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    All, The big event for last week was an unruly member who I had to kick out of the shop on Wednesday. Other than that, the week went smoothly.

    Lily and I tabled at the Volunteer Fair in the Union on Tuesday. We got a dozen or so signatures (maybe more?) for general volunteer interest in the Campus Bike Center and help with Light The Night.

    On Wednesday, I got a count of the bikes that we’ll be donating from the Bike Warehouse to Working Bikes. This year a portion of the bikes will be going to Houston to help with hurricane relief. Tally for the bikes was 332, give or take.  I will be coordinating with Working Bikes and Parking this week to finalize a date.

    This week is Light The Night on Tuesday. I will close the shop for the event. The signs for the event were dropped off on Friday.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 131
    Sales: $1,584.85
    Memberships:  24 for $720
    Bikes (Build-a-Bikes): 2 for $171
    Bikes (Refurbished): 0
    Tires/Tubes: 36 for $196


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  2. Pursuing Resources for Transporting Gloves to Trailer

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    Having a resource to transport gloves from the locations where they are used to the centralized collection point (a trailer at the Physical Plant) would help boost participation in the glove recycling program. Staff and volunteer resources are being explored at present.

  3. Battery Recycling Instructions and Locations Updated

    Battery recycling instructions were updated to indicate that "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" should be included in address information provided to Call2Recycle. The inclusion will allow for reporting of volumes of batteries recycled through the program across the campus.

    Battery recycling locations were updated.

  4. RainWorks Challenge - call for participants

    We are currently looking for more members for the EPA's Campus RainWorks Challenge. We will be looking into green infrastructure projects that could be implemented on campus.

    "The Campus RainWorks Challenge seeks to engage with undergraduate and graduate students to foster a dialogue about responsible stormwater management and showcase the environmental, economic, and social benefits of green infrastructure practices."

    We have a interdisciplinary team of faculty advisers. Our primary faculty adviser will be  Professor Arthur Schmidt from Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering.

    We are also hoping to have an interdisciplinary team, so all majors are welcome, as long as you have a passion for the project. 

    Teams will be finalized on September 30th. If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please contact Jessica Wiegand at or Cindy Chen at

  5. EGen SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    The Energy Generation, Purchasing, & Distribution SWATeam met for the first time of the FY2017 on September 21. They revised their focus topics for the year and reviewed progress on current projects, such as on the rooftop solars on the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building, the Speech and Hearing Building, and the Business and Instruction Facility. Finally, EGen also discussed the possibility of building a second solar farm in order to further meet iCap goals. 

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  6. Update on progress

    Gopal Pareek and Morgan White met to review progress on the DIA CAP efforts.  Gopal received information from the Green Sports Alliance, including a proposal for UIUC to join the alliance.  He also pulled the energy, water, and sanitary sewer data for each of the DIA buildings, to review with Brett Stillwell.  The square footage for each facility is needed, as well as the natural gas use, when applicable.

    For our next meeting, Gopal will finalize the excel file data for the DIA buildings.  Morgan will put him in contact with the SWATeam clerks to talk about the DIA potential for helping with the iCAP objectives.

  7. Weekly Update

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    All, last week’s big news was the implementation of a new sign-in system that expedites the process and allows for better tracking of our members’ status (expired or current memberships). The new system scans membership cards, I-cards, and drivers’ licenses, tracks first visits, and requires zero interaction with a keyboard, saving minutes of valuable time and keeps things from bottlenecking at the entrance to the space when people are arriving. While there is a learning curve, those who’re familiar scan and record their visit in about 5 seconds as opposed to the usual 15-30 with our previous system.

    The program is still in development and kinks/concerns are addressed with the developer as they arise. The system does not track names, however, unless you are in our database system already. If that is a problem, as far as the University is concerned, please let me know so I can correct it.

    To the numbers:
    Visitors: 129
    Sales (overall): $2,200.20
    Bikes (refurb): 3 for $620Bikes (B-a-B): 3 for $304
    Memberships: 20 for $635
    Tires/Tubes: 40 for $208

    This week I will build bikes, attend a Volunteer Fair on Tuesday, and coordinate/organize for Light The Night. I anticipate continued high visitor numbers, as the weather continues its summer ways.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  8. Call To Recycle Program Results

  9. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    The Energy Conservation and Building Standards SWATeam gathered for the first meeting of the FY2017 on September 12. The team briefly reflected on the progress made thus far (e.g. Zero Net Growth policy was passed in 2015 and a 30% campus-wide energy reduction goal was achieved 3 years early). Updates on current projects were also presented, such as on the new leadership of the Illini Lights Out program. 

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  10. Weekly Update

    All, last week was fine. The student workers are getting into the swing of things. Those that were away for the summer are remembering how everything works and that in turn makes them a more helpful. Our suspension of “First Visit Free” has been received well; most people are amenable to the membership fee, even if they only have a very small repair. Only a couple instances of people complaining and they leave unhappy but on the whole I consider it a success. We’ve had a lot of people who’ve had to wait significantly for stand time even with the membership-required policy. It’s unfortunate, but also speaks to our success and the demand for the space. I’ll count it as a positive and a negative both.

    Visitors for the week: 154

    Last Friday we had a good-sized ride from the CBC totaling about 8 or so people. This time of year is especially well-suited for riding, which I hope translates to more interest.

    Last Tuesday was the first Fix-a-Flat class that Simon and Lily ran. From the both of them, it sounded like a success. This week 12-14 people have signed up, most appear to be grad students (not a bad thing).

    This week I will continue to publicize and talk up LTN as well as print off some basic text fliers for the event to hand out in advance. Funnily enough the younglings with their smartphones have been asking for fliers for the event! I’ll build bikes and organize, per usual, as well.

    Sales (overall): $1,533.10
    Bikes (refurb): 0 for $0 (we have two for sale!)
    Bikes (B-a-B): 2 for $143
    Memberships: 24 for $720
    Tire/Tubes: 47 for $283

    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  11. RainWorks Challenge announcement

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    From: King, Matt []
    Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 3:25 PM
    Subject: Registration is open for the sixth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge




    I’m an Illinois alumni at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I want to make sure my fellow Illini are aware of an environmental design challenge that may be of interest to them. Any assistance you could provide in spreading the word within the U of I communication network would be greatly appreciated.


    EPA just launched its sixth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge, a design competition that is open to colleges and universities across the country. Through Campus RainWorks EPA seeks to engage with students to foster a dialogue about responsible stormwater management, and showcase the environmental, economic, and social benefits of green infrastructure practices.


    Registration for the 2017 Challenge is open from September 1st through the 30th. Student teams must register in order to submit their entries by December 15th. Winners will be announced in the Spring of 2018. Each first-place team will earn a student prize of $2,000 to be divided evenly among student team members and a faculty prize of $3,000 to support green infrastructure research or training. Second-place teams will win $1,000 for student teams and a $2,000 faculty prize.


    Water pollution associated with stormwater runoff requires infrastructure solutions that are innovative, resilient, and affordable. Today’s scholars are tomorrow’s design professionals. The Campus RainWorks Challenge will harness their creativity and knowledge to jointly advance the agency’s mission to protect public health and water quality. 


    Learn more at:


    Thank you for your consideration!


    Matt King

    U.S. EPA

    Office of Water

    Green Infrastructure Program



  12. Follow up on "parent ID" question

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    The "parent" ID number for Call2Recycle should no longer be used. It was used for tracking payment as well as shipping addresses, and continued use could result in battery collection boxes being shipped to the wrong location on campus. Unfortunately, dropping the ID number means that we won't be able to obtain centralized reports of volumes of recycled batteries.