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Waste Transfer Station

10 E. St. Mary's Road
61820 Champaign , IL
United States

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Projects at this location

Project Description
Track Waste from Frontload Trucks

In 2018, PRI Sustainability Researcher/F&S Zero Waste Coordinator Shantanu Pai began to investigate services which could accurately weigh frontload pans when they were dumped into frontload trucks. Unlike swingpan and rolloff pans, which are individually taken to the Waste Transfer Station for weighing and dumping, many individual frontload containers are dumped into a single truck, and the lump sum is weighed at the Waste Transfer Station.

Towards Zero Waste: Automated Waste Classification via Computer Vision

Funded in early 2023, this project aims to develop an automated waste characterization system that uses recent advances in computer vision to detect and classify waste more efficiently for recycling. It will also create a dashboard with live data on the nature and extent of waste generated at the U of I to motivate the campus community to follow best practices for waste disposal and recycling and to help meet zero-waste goals in the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP).

Indoor Bin Update

This project will improve the recycling process in buildings around campus by encouraging sustainable actions and improving the layout of waste and recycling bins within these buildings. Facilities & Services collaborated with ISTC to make an “Indoor Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Assessment”. This assessment determined that the type and layout of collection containers in buildings across campus should be standardized. An update would enable them to be co-located and allow for greater infrastructure consistency.

Increase Recycling Rates

The 2015 iCAP, chapter 6, objective 2, is "Reduce municipal solid waste (MSW) going to landfills. This involves reducing nondurable goods purchases, effectively reusing materials, and recycling. In the latter category, campus will increase the diversion rate of MSW to 45% by FY20, 60% by FY25, and 80% by FY35, while also increasing the total diversion rate to 90% by FY20 and 95% by FY25.

Increase Recycling through the WTS

The University has a long history of reducing landfill waste.  For many years, campus has utilized the reduce, reuse, recycle practice.  University Surplus handles the majority of reuse for physical inventory.  F&S Waste Management handles the majority of recycling and oversees the management of waste going to the landfill.  

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