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Metric: iCAP Portal users per year

Google Analytics provides a summary of the audience for the iCAP Portal.  This data is available to iCAP portal administrators, and this metric is based on the subcategory called "iCAP Portal (Exclude MSTE Traffic)."  This metric is for the time ranges of July 1 to June 30 for each fiscal year, since the Portal went live in spring 2013.  It is the # of "Users" in the Audience Overview section of Google Analytics.


Metric Chart

iCAP Portal users per year (Tracked by Fiscal Year)


Value Applicable Date Affirmed By Annotation
16,759.00 Jun 30 2020 Sarthak Prasad
17,986.00 Jun 30 2019 Sarthak Prasad
13,403.00 Jun 30 2018 Sarthak Prasad
11,256.00 Jun 30 2017 Sarthak Prasad
11,395.00 Jun 30 2016 Sarthak Prasad
10,894.00 Jun 30 2015 Sarthak Prasad
8,136.00 Jun 30 2014 Morgan White
2,512.00 Jun 30 2013 Morgan White


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Fiscal Year [July - June]