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Key Objective: 7.6 iCAP Portal Updates

The iCAP 2020, objective 7.6 is: “Update the iCAP Portal on a monthly basis to report progress toward iCAP objectives.” The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is iSEE. Progress is tracked in the iCAP Portal project page for the Sustainability iCAP Portal.

Associated Metric

iCAP Portal users per year


  • FY 2021:

    during covid pandemic



Whether they target students, staff, faculty members, or the community, all of our engagement efforts are orchestrated to support the iCAP objectives. Our strategies are multi-faceted and reach virtually all corners of campus, but they remain unified in their connection to our overarching Climate Leadership Commitments.

As we engage campus in our sustainability efforts, we want to constantly remind our Illinois community of why their actions matter in the grand scheme of the university. This objective will take the form of a regularly scheduled update on our progress toward the iCAP objectives, perhaps in the form of a newsletter distributed by upper-level campus administration.Each iteration might focus on a different aspect of campus sustainability, taking care to directly link on-campus action (especially the actions most recognizable by the newsletter’s recipients) to measurable iCAP metrics. 

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