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Motorist Education about Bicycles

The Bicycle Coordinator should partner with local police enforcement, safety educators, and advocacy groups to produce an educational pamphlet for motorists about how to drive safely with bikes.  Many of the 'share the road' principals and concepts can be included, as well as technical legal requirements (like 3' passing laws) and helpful explanations, perhaps in a Q&A format.

Bike Lockers

Bike Lockers are designed to hold an entire bicycle, within an enclosed locker.  These can be very convenient for bicycle commuters who want to have extra security for their bicycle.  They provide shelter from the elements and there is usually additional storage for books, bags, and such, within the space for the bicycle.  The University does not currently have any bike lockers on campus.

Green Your Dorm

Green Your Dorm will be a month long competition held at LAR. We are aiming to get students especially in the Sustainability LLC to participate. During February, there will first be a week in which participants will receive a checklist of ways to "certify" their room. These include things such as putting in CFL bulbs and adding a recycling bin. After a week, rooms will be reviewed and can get certified. From then on out, there will be weekly challenges and ways to earn points for continuing to live "green" and having a green dorm.

Allow Salvage of Campus Buildings Before Demolition

When a campus building will be demolished, there are often materials which can be salvaged rather than recycled or landfilled.  There are opportunities to salvage these materials through Requests for Proposals, as was done with the Cruze Farm Barn, or through agreements with community organizations such as PACA.  In the past, PACA was able to salvage materials from campus buildings before the demolitions took place, and they are interested in reinstating this practice.

Education Grants

There are various education grants available to the University, and many are received every year.  The choice to seek grant funding for sustainability related educational programs is reflected in the project history for this project.

Development of Experiential Learning Sites

The Center for a Sustainable Environment (CSE), formerly the Office of Sustainability (OS), funded a faculty member who is developing long-term experiential learning sites that will integrate research, education, engagement, and operations through hands-on learning on campus, regionally, and globally.  This includes development of virtual experiential learning sites, which archive data and information on the physical sites.


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