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ECONS006 Energy Conservation Funding 2017 recommendation - Submittal

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on November 27, 2017

The ECBS SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG stating, "We recommend the following actions and funds to implement critical projects key to energy conservation efforts at UIUC. Total funds needed: $3.55M

1) RESTORE funding of ~ $1.5M in FY19, compensating for loss of DCEO grants (Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity), to continue the Retro-commissioning (RCx) work. Retro-commissioning = Identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements to existing buildings (first pass) to ensure continued optimal performance over time.

2) INCREASE the Recommissioning (REx) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) teams. Re-commissioning = Building operating and maintenance systems are examined, parts may be fixed or replaced, and systems reset as if they were being installed new. REx is usually performed about 5 years after RCx has passed thru a building and reoccurs about every 5 years going forward. Preventive Maintenance = actions to preserve life of equipment and prevent breakdowns (cleaning of coils, review of air handling unit systems, review of hydronic systems.) Occurs before re-commissioning. The PM group reports to the maintenance side of the organization whereas the RCx and REx teams report to Utilities and Energy Services. In terms of priority:

  • Change the 5th recommissioning team that is temporary for FY18 to make it permanent in FY19 ($350K/year)
  • Increase Building Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance teams from 1 to 2 for FY19. ($350K for 2nd team)
  • Implement systematic building control upgrades to enhance further energy conservation and/or replace outdated equipment (IT audit item) ($1M/year).
  • Increase Recommissioning teams from 5 to 6 for FY2019 ($350K for 6th team)."

See attached the SWATeam recommendation ECONS006 Conservation Budget Funding 2017 complete with comments from all the ECBS SWATeam members.