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Edu009 - Updating College of Business Course Descriptions - Submitted

Posted by Miriam Keep on February 11, 2024

The iCAP Education team made the following recommendation on 2/11/24:


This recommendation asks the faculty teaching ACCY 405, BUS 101, BUS 401, BADM 395, and FIN 490/580 to update their course descriptions to better reflect the sustainability content being taught. Suggested unit/department to address implementation: College of Business, specifically the Business Administration, Finance and Accounting faculty Connection to iCAP goals: 6.2 [Establish a comprehensive online repository for courses and academic programs with sustainability content.] Perceived challenges: Faculty would be required to go through the process of updating their course descriptions, but may not know what constitutes sustainability course content. Being able to disseminate course search terms may be difficult in a decentralized college. Anticipated timeline of implementation: Fall 2024.

Attached is the iCAP Education team recommendation Edu009 Updating College of Business Course Descriptions with comments from the iCAP Education team.