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First Weekly Check-In for Resilience Work

Posted by Stacy Gloss on September 17, 2021

9/17/2021, 2:15 PM

Attendees: Morgan White, Meredith Moore, Stacy Gloss


Stacy, Meredith and Morgan met for the first time together since Stacy was appointed and started work on 9/16/2021. The purpose of the meeting is to provide the information and resources needed for Stacy to start working on resilience activities in the scope work. We reviewed Stacy’s job description regarding activities for the next 6 months and related deliverables. See attached job description.


  • Stacy will take the meeting notes from each of these Resilience Work Check-In meetings and put them on the portal for project tracking.
  • Stacy will provide updates at the Resilience iCAP team meetings.
  • We set up a recurring meeting time for Thursdays from  2 pm – 3 pm.


Stacy will re-read the objective in iCAP 2020 PDF about all resilience objectives. Review the resilience theme, scan the project list, and look at project history for specific objectives.

8.1 Check in when needed w/ Lisa Merrifield

8.2 Start with campus contacts. Email Betsy Liggett,  Brent Lewis, & Morgan White and set up a call with Betsy. Betsy is liaison to community green infrastructure.  The objectives are to find out who it is to talk to in Champaign-Urbana-Savoy for off-campus infrastructure locations. Eventually, ask resilience team what information should be included on the iCAP portal map. Note: There’s an Oct 20 conference about the Champaign County storm water partnership.  With this objective, we will ultimately work towards planning a coordinated rainwater mgmt. plan, and what it might look like.

8.3. Review documentation that Kimmy provided as a report on the portal. 

8.4.  Request a call with Ximing to explain the concept behind 8.4 and report back. Further steps may be taken to include whole iSEE management team in a conversation.

8.5.  Review 8.5 Discuss at meeting 2 weeks from now.

8.6.  Morgan will connect Stacy with Sarthak Prasad. Review Vision zero website soon and request a meeting with Sarthak.

8.7.  Review 8.7 Discuss at meeting 2 weeks from now.  Review Current State of the Market, and review files in the box folder that students created about local off sets.