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iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - March 10, 2023

Posted by Michael McKelvey on March 9, 2023


  • Removed RSS Feeds from listings (e.g. Project Updates for collection: Geothermal Projects)
  • Q: Can we limit access to menu selection for Projects to only certain users - e.g. iCAP Admins?
    • A: Yes! it turns out we'd already done that :-) iCAP Admins and iCAP Moderators can update the menu system, but iCAP Advocates cannot.
  • Implemented new search indexing algorithm to make search less rigid:
    • Will now find different versions of equivalent words (e.g. plurals and singular treated as the same word)
    • Omitting an apostrophe when searching will find versions of that word which include an apostrophe
    • Note: doesn't seem to understand that "bikes" and "bicycles" are equivalent, though - I can look into whether I can add in certain equivalent words. Are there others we'd like to see?


  • Discussion item from Stacy:
    • I would like to add to the agenda a brainstorm for ways we might be able to make a Project Page for Sustainability Experiential Learning projects.


      This idea is the basis of the Resilience Team economic analysis recommendation that  iWG passed. Members of the iCAP Education team are working with me.


      The project is basically like this:


      1. A needed project is identified by a community organization (e.g. life cycle analysis of a green technology for a new building),
      2. A Capstone class is identified (Eric Green’s Captstone) interested in experiential learning projects.
      3. A faculty mentor is named (Eric Green or other expert)
      4. Student teams form to work on the experiential learning project during their capstone class.
      5. Students work on the project, learn from it, deliver value to the “community client”
    • Anna Mehl from the Education iCAP Team and I are currently information gathering and brainstorming ways to create a page where we can provide information about future sustainability experiential learning projects.


      Some programs that are similar include:


    • Those websites are not set up the same way as the iCAP portal. What can we do? What can’t we do? Is the iCAP portal appropriate for this project – should we look for a different home?

    • Outcomes/Decisions:
      1. Has been discussed before, there are challenges to implementing it
      2. Not proceeding with this on iCAP Portal at this time, maybe later?
      3. See Independent Student Projects for an example of a similar attempt on iCAP Portal - see Project Background and associated Project Updates
  • Should we show a "last updated" date on the projects?
    • Automatically show last time Project was updated?
    • Add field that is updated intentionally when a project's information has been reviewed & by whom?
    • Add a disclaimer about information being correct at the time it was entered?
  • Question about a TODO: "Collections page: Add image upload option". At a previous meeting we had this TODO, but what was the context? Was it to have a thumbnail for each Collection? Or a banner image?
  • Should we link to "Take Action" project from homepage?
  • Archiving projects
    • Add "Archived" checkbox?
    • Add "Archived" to Visibility options?
    • Add "Archived" to Project Status options? (probably not - this mixes the status of the project itself with whether we still want it to show up on the site)
    • Remove from nested listings, still publicly available?


  • Projects pages metrics 2-∞ have no labels on Y-axis (e.g. Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts)
  • Permissions:
    • Metric Tracking:
      • Add/update: iCAP Admins, iCAP Moderators, iCAP Advocates
      • Delete: iCAP Admins, iCAP Moderators, NOT iCAP Advocates
    • Metric Targets:
      • Add/update: iCAP Admins, iCAP Moderators, NOT iCAP Advocates
      • Delete: iCAP Admins, iCAP Moderators, NOT iCAP Advocates
  • Change iCAP Advocates to iCAP Clerks
  • Fancy project layout mockups - keep tweaking #3 to improve contrast
  • Discuss metrics
    • Metrics with lots of data
    • Consider how to handle old metrics that no longer track new data. Archive somehow?
    • Fun with math (e.g. combining multiple metrics)
    • Calculated Metrics on Dev site