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News Channel 20: University of Illinois promotes recycling at football game with 'Zero Waste Tailgate

Posted by Daphne Hulse on September 26, 2023

Link to article, released on September 24, 2023

As guests returned to Memorial Stadium this afternoon for u of i's home game against florida atlantic university, Facilities and Services Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pushed for a cleaner environment with the help of fans.

It hosted Zero Waste Tailgate to encourage guests to toss bottles, cans, and other recyclable goodsby giving them blue bags and placing a large green dumpster near the stadium.

Zero Waste Coordinator, Daphne Hulse believes those items being provided makes it easier to reduce landfill.

Working at a large scale event like this with high visibility, is a great way not only to engage students, faculty and staff. But also community members that come here for these tailgate events." Hulse said. "Collectively we can work towards reducing that landfilled waste.

The next recycle event will be on November 11th at the stadium for u of i's home game against Indiana University.