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Res002 Biodiversity Plan - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on May 4, 2021

Sherry Nickols-Richardson, Director of University of Illinois Extension, sent Morgan White the following email in support of the Res002 recommendation.


Dear Morgan,

Thank you for sharing the Urban Biodiversity Master Plan component noted below (iCAP 202 Objective 8.1). University of Illinois Extension supports the in-kind contribution of Lisa Merrifield toward this effort through FY24. 

Please note that Illinois Extension does not have funding to support a formal master planning process. This would need to be established and developed by F&S. If there are other implications for financial support now or in the future, Illinois Extension requests that there be discussion about these implications before any expenses are incurred.

This will be an interesting, informative, and valuable process. I look forward to periodic reports about the progress.


Shelly Nickols-Richardson


See submittal and recommendation of Res002 Biodiversity Plan. 

See transmittal of Res002 Biodiversity Plan. 

See iWG assessment of Res002 Biodiversity Plan. 

For future updates on this effort, visit Urban Biodiversity Master Plan.