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SSC Project: Greening the Garage

Posted by Quinn Connolly on November 2, 2023

Hi Lisa,


As discussed during the SSC F&S feasibility meeting, I wanted to send over to you the product that we are requesting funding for. Based on this, are there any concerns?


Thank you,



Hi Daphne,


Thank you for sending me the cut sheet for the oil filter crusher.


I don’t see any code requirements above and beyond what is already being done at the garage for oil filter disposal.  I have no concerns, and neither does Mike Brown in Code Compliance and Fire Safety.


It is my opinion that this project is feasible, no changes needed.


Thank you,



Thank you, Lisa! We appreciate you taking the time to thoroughly review this piece of equipment.


In a seperate email thread Daphne sent the message below and the attached file:


Hi Lisa & Morgan,


Shawn & I are submitting a SSC funding request for a piece of equipment at the garage that would allow us to crush and recycle metal oil filters. We go through about 1500 oil filters a year, and they are currently landfilled.


Thank you,