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Sustainable Student Farm Funding Agreement

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 30, 2010

This proposal looks to continue to develop a student run farm at the Horticultural Pomology Farm on thesoutheast corner of Lincoln and Windsor. As a partnership between the campus horticulture program andstudents, the farm will significantly contribute to campus food needs by supplying produce to University foodservice operations. This will allow the campus to move toward a more sustainable agricultural model andreduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with food transportation. Student volunteers and Crop Sciencesemployees will harvest, process and deliver fresh crops to University Dining Services, which will pay theprevailing market rate for the produce. This model should allow the project to bring in adequate funding in thenear future, and the requested funds will be used to propel the farm to achieve self-sustaining operations in2011. Further, a sign will inform the community of the farm’s presence and open houses will be held tointroduce students and staff to this sustainable agriculture operation. This continued and expanded project willprovide tangible evidence of campus commitment to responsible sustainable behavior. Thus, the StudentSustainability Committee is in favor of funding the fully requested amount of $25,000.