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Trans010 Mode Switch Survey - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on March 20, 2020

The Transportation SWATeam made the recommendation below, which was transmitted to iSEE and approved at an iSEE Management Meeting. Meredith Moore is in communication with Julie Cidell regarding moving forward with this initiative. 

"The Transportation SWATeam kindly requests the creation of a survey which would question faculty and staff who travel out of town for conferences or other university-sponsored activities on their decided mode of transportation. This survey would be voluntary and facilitated by the Transportation SWATeam. An example of a question would be something like: 'In the past year, what has been the main reason for the travel you selected?'"

See the submittal of Trans010 Mode Switch Survey here.

See the recommendation for the Trans010 Mode Switch Survey here. 

For future updates, see the Reduce Driving on Campus project here.