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Tree Map Partnership

Posted by Kejsi Ago on April 26, 2022

From: Heidi Leuszler <HLeuszler at>
Subject: Tree Map partnership


Hello all, I hope this finds you and yours well!


I am on the Sustainable Campus Committee at Parkland College and we are discussing updating our campus tree map and digitizing it. I am including all of you in this email because I am wondering if we do not have to recreate the wheel and can join an existing tree map in our community.


I have worked with in the past, but the $3000 price tag per year is rather steep for us. Do any of you use this program?


In a quick search, I found the following local Tree Inventory maps (all of which Parkland campus is missing from):

City of Urbana

UIUC campus

City of Champaign ROW Trees

City of Champaign 

Champaign Park District

Urbana Park District (but I could not find public access to the inventory)


Is it possible we can add our campus data to an existing map? Perhaps we all partner and can add city, park, and campus data to make a more comprehensive community map.


If you are interested in this, have thoughts, know a better person to contact, etc., let me know and we can get a meeting together to discuss possibilities.


Thank you!

My best,