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Weekly Update: Bike to Work Day and Light the Night this week, Abandoned bicycles

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on September 12, 2022

All, The visitor numbers seem low for how busy it felt this past week. Had a few students step up, volunteer, and enjoy it enough to come back in the last few weeks. That’s always a good sign we’re doing something right.

I was out Thursday/Friday and my staff handled the Bike Center in my absence. No major issues, so I call that a success.

We’ve got BTWD and LTN this week, back-to-back days, on Wed then Thursday. Weather looks good (at this point).

This Friday is the last day for students to claim their abandoned bikes so my staff and I will count the remaining ones that we’ll be able to use. From there, I’ll coordinate with Working Bikes to pick up the rest—potentially as soon as next week. The influx of bikes will be a boon to for our programs as we look to build back stock.

The numbers:

Visitors: 49
Sales: $895
Memberships: 15 for $450
Bikes (B-a-B): 1 for $50
Tires/tubes: 15 for $70


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Coordinator