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Projects Updates for Bicycle Safety Materials

  1. Call out for Volunteers at Light the Night 2016

    This years Light the Night has 1,090 bicycle light sets for installation on bicycles in the span of four hours. We need all the volunteers we can get! Sign up on the facebook page of the wiki!

    Any questions or other ways to help the event, contact Lily Wilcock, .

  2. Safety "Zine" idea

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    I have been working with Jeff and there were two things we thought would be a good use of resources.  The first is a safety  booklet.  It would be modeled after a "zine" which is a DIY publication that is popular with young people.We were thinking it would be cool to have the same guy who did last year's Bike Month t-shirt illustrate the zine with content we provided. - James Roedl


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