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Projects Updates for Root to Roof Program

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  1. Project Update Request

    Associated Project(s): 

    Avery Maloto reached out to Lowell Miller asking him to update his project "Root to Roof Program" on the iCAP portal. Lowell replied explaining he will edit the project in the beginning of August, therefore Morgan archived the project description/background until Lowell had the time to edit it.

  2. SSC funds Waste to 3D Printing

    This student-led project introduces the UIUC community to innovative forms of 3D printing that use sustainable materials. The project team will 3D print clay and create an extruder system capable of incorporating the use of sawdust into the filament. The School of Architecture produces a considerable amount of sawdust in the fabrication labs (about 40 pounds per semester for each fab-lab). Presently sawdust is considered a waste. By repurposing sawdust, the School of Architecture will reduce its waste, educate students about a new form of 3D printing, and foster sustainable behavior within the community.

  3. SSC Funding Agreement - Off Grid Solar Kiln

    This student-driven project provides an alternative drying source for slabbed and dimensional lumber as opposed to industrial kiln drying. The goal is to recycle an air and water tight shipping container to create a de-humidifying kiln powered by passive solar energy. In a joint venture between the School of Architecture and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, students will develop a knowledge of drying characteristics of various wood species. Students will learn about the moisture peaks in the drying process as well as how wood may become compromised structurally under pressure. The allocated funding will purchase the retired shipping container, solar panels, as well as other kiln materials.

    This proposal directly funds:

    1. Shipping container
    2. Solar panels
    3. Kiln materials
  4. Funding Letter - Root to Roof

    Root to Roof is a program established to educate students about the sustainability and availability of urban wood for the design and fabrication of furniture, outdoor installations, homes and buildings. It does this through harvesting waste timber from campus and the City of Urbana and milling it to become usable lumber. Milling material locally produces hundreds of pounds of CO2 annually compared to tens of thousands to buy the same material from all over the USA. This also allows the Root to Roof program to utilize otherwise useful material for beneficial projects instead of that very same material being shredded into mulch. This creates a net gain of carbon sequestration locally. As this program expands it will be setting progressive goals for sustainability and urban wood utilization through selling wood back to the F&S Mill and Carpentry shops for use campus wide and using this material to fabricate indoor and outdoor items for campus use. This proposal directly funds: 1) Milling Equipment 2) Facility Upgrades to Accommodate New Equipment 3) Student Labor for Fabrication Coordination and Training.