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Projects Updates for Zero Waste


  1. Game Day Recycling Challenge

    The University is participating in its first Game Day Recycling Challenge at the October 25th homecoming game against the University of Minnesota.  For the event the usual landfill bins will be replaced with 3-bin stations to separate landfill, recycling, and compost.  The materials collected will be weighed, the diversion rate calculated, and then entered into a friendly national competition.  To volunteer for this event, please email Bart Bartels at  

  2. E-Waste Collection Results

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    On March 18, 2014 was the first E-cyclemania event as part of Recyclemania at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.  57 volunteers from numerous student organizations collaborated with Champaign County Bikes.  E-waste was picked up by bike from several building drop-offs points that included Nugent Hall, Daniels Hall, Sherman Hall, The Cohen Center, Orchard Downs, The Bike Shop, and Bousfield Hall.  That material was transported on bike trailers to collection sites located at Allen Hall, Ikenberry Commons, and the ISTC Building in the research park. The event managed to fill two 26 ft. box trucks with electronics for recycling.  The weight of that material will be recorded in the national RecycleMania database.

  3. Update from Tracy Osby at the Waste Transfer Station

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    The saw dust pan at the PPSB is no longer emptied at the WTS. We are currently emptying it at the Horse and Dairy barns. It is now being diverted from the landfill. Also, the DSC staff that work here at the WTS work hours has been extended to 3:30PM provided we have work for them here to do. This way all the pans with the exception of the compactors from Dining Services and the trash from ORD will be emptied in the south bay here at the WTS.

  4. Meeting with Paradigm Energies

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    Dave Thomas, Kishore Rajagopalan, and Luis Rodriguez hosted a meeting with Morgan Johnston,Tracy Osby,and ISTC staff to meet with Orval Yarger and Alan Robinson from Paradigm to discuss opportunities for waste management for campus and other Illinois businesses/organizations.

  5. Recycling e-waste, containers, and bikes on campus

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    IGBA held an e-waste recycling event on campus and in the research park.

    F&S provided recycling containers for the Illinois Marathon.

    Sustainability Staff helped the Campus Bike Project (CBP) to prep 350 old, abandoned bicycles from last year’s campus-wide cleanup in order to donate them to an organization, Working Bikes, which will refurbish the bicycles and ship them to Uganda to be donated to those in need of affordable transportation. Staff and CBP volunteers worked for over 12 hours to prep the bikes and over 4 hours to load them onto a truck to be taken to Working Bikes’ Chicago location.   The Parking Department was also involved, as the timing of the donation was critical in order to clear out Parking’s warehouse to make room for this year’s campus-wide cleanup of abandoned bicycles. 


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