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Projects Updates for Geothermal at WPP

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  1. WPP Building 1258 geothermal metering system installation request

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    Good morning,

    Here is what I found.




    Hi Robbie,


    Here are the engineering documents and pictures of the heat pumps. There are 5 heat pumps.






    Here's another geothermal system needing to be metered. It appears to need both ST, RT temperature RTD, and flow meter installation and tied into alpha controller and programming. 




    Robbie Bauer




    The team surveyed it this week and a meter is planned to be installed shortly.  I’ll keep you updated.


    Hi Yu-Feng,


    Robbie Bauer from F&S is finishing the meter install on the last geothermal system on campus. So going forward we will have access to data from all the systems. At the very least, inlet and outlet temperature, flow rate, and energy going into the borefield will be collected. Robbie is interested in calculating the annual energy avoidance for each system.





    Thanks for the update.



  2. Geothermal project at the Woody Perennial Polyculture site for new greenhouse and existing Greenhouse 1506 Building

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    From: Stumpf, Andrew J
    Sent: Friday, March 1, 2019 4:20 PM
    To: Erickson, Keith R; White, Morgan
    Subject: Geothermal project at the Woody Perennial Polyculture site for new greenhouse and existing Greenhouse 1506 Building


    Hi Keith,

    In getting an initial estimate for the design and build of a geothermal system for a new and existing greenhouse at the Woody Perennial Polyculture site we are being asked to what extent the electrical system will need to be modified/upgraded. Does it require utilizing the existing infrastructure and extending the current line to an utility shed, or will there be further modifications needed to the electrical system.

    We have been advised so a far that the heated greenhouse would need up to 5 heat pumps, which would be located in the shed. Another heat pump would be installed in Greenhouse 1506 building, to be used just for summer cooling. Overall, the proposed geothermal borefield would provide 2-tons of heating and cooling.

    Currently, both greenhouse have propane heaters, and the 1506 building has a evaporative cooler on the west wall. Since we could not get a design and build of the geothermal system done in the summer/fall, Dr. DoKyoung Lee installed the propane heater that came with the new greenhouse he purchased in early last year. We introduced the idea of building the geothermal system after he had purchased the greenhouse.

    If you could provide us with some information about the electrical distribution system at the site, we would appreciate it.





    Andrew Stumpf, Ph.D, LG, P.Geo

    Associate Geologist

    Illinois State Geological Survey

    Prairie Research Institute

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  3. Feasibility study to be done

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    Due to the complexity of this project, F&S recommended conducting a feasibility study before installation.  It is estiamted to cost approximately $10K and take about one month to complete.