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Geothermal at WPP (In Progress)


This project will involve the design, construction, and installation of a geothermal system to heat one greenhouse at the UIUC Woody Perennial Polyculture (WPP) Research Site, located near the southwest corner of Race Street and Windsor Avenue. Water circulated through geothermal piping installed in a series of 150 feet deep boreholes will capture the earth's heat (~55°F) and be transported to the surface for heating of the greenhouse. The addition heat directly to the plants through the soil or air heating system will lower propane usage (fossil fuels) and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions; goals outlined in the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP). The outcomes and lessons learned from this project will be available for future development of geothermal exchange systems on UIUC campus. The site will act as a ‘living laboratory’ for students and professors to better understand renewable energy, geothermal exchange systems, and engineering.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Andrew Stumpf

    Project Leader:

    Andrew Stumpf


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