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Bicycle Safety Posters by CCB (Completed)

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  • 11/14/2013

    In 2013, Egwin Avau and Maarten Baeten, from the Learning in Community UI Bikes class, created digital signs encouraging bicycle registration across campus.

    The dimensions are as follows:

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One simple and frequent method for spreading safety information related to bicycles is a printed or digital poster.  As campus transitions to more and more digital signs, the bicycle education materials are transitioning to digital displays.  This reduces paper waste, with a minimal increase in energy use.


In 2012, Facilities & Services worked with Champaign County Bikes to design and produce a number of educational posters highlighting various bicycle safety messages.  F&S produced copies of these posters to help spread the word about rules of the road and safe cycling habits and worked to increase the visibility of existing posters by working with partners across campus to post in high-traffic areas.


Messages on CCB posters include: 

  • Seeing Red? Then STOP! Same roads, same rules. Bikes must stop the same as cars. 
  • Sidewalks are for walking! It's the law downtown. And it keeps the sidewalks safe for everyone. 
  • See. And be seen. Having a headlight is the law. And if, they see you, chances are they won't hit you. 
  • Go with the flow. Ride your bike with traffic, not against it. 
  • Beware the door! Drivers: look before you open your door! Cyclists: stay 5 feet out!
  • My Bike Registration Go online to register your bicycle now!

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  • Started August 20, 2012
    Started by Cope Cumpston