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Climate Justice Forum - 2020 (In Progress)


The Youth Climate Justice Forum will be held Spring 2020, led by students in the community, targeting other students. This full day seminar is geared towards teaching the youth of the community everything there is to know about sustainability, and how decisions we make on a daily basis impact the Earth we live on. An array of speakers from the area will present on topics ranging from the impact of grassroots movements to stories of accomplishments from those exact movements. In addition, there will be many student-created activities to engage attendees, and help teach others how small changes can help make a real impact.  

The videos attached describe what climate justice is, and how developed countries do not feel the effects as much as developing countries. The second video focuses more on the lasting effect of this climate chage, as millions of workers have been displaced due to changes in their community that cause their work to vanish.

Please reference the attached videos to learn more.