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Dockless Bike Sharing (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 8/29/2019

    F&S shared an update regarding VeoRide Bike Share Rides on August 29, 2019. Click here to view the full article. Following is the excerpt from the article about VeoRides:

  • 4/15/2019

    VeoRide e-bikes are here. VeoRide is going to replace 150 of their regular pedal bikes with the new e-bikes in the near future.


Dockless bike share programs began in our community in Fall 2018. Although it is not a service provided by campus, F&S is available to help answer questions about the program established in a collaboration with the university, the City of Champaign, and the City of Urbana. 

More information is available on the Fact Sheet below and in the Frequently Asked Questions in the Bike Sharing Blog post below. For further questions, contact Facilities & Services at

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VeoRide Total Rides per month (Tracked by Month)

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Morgan White

    Team Members:

    • Ben LeRoy, City of Champaign
    • Kevin Garcia, City of Urbana
    • Lily Wilcock, City of Urbana
    • Stacey DeLorenzo, F&S
    • Sarthak Prasad, F&S
    • Ben Thomas, VeoRide
    • Maria Thompson, F&S