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Engagement iCAP Team Recommendations Summary (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 4/29/2022

    The Engagement iCAP Team had their final meeting of the semester on Friday, April 29. The team met with Shachar Meron, senior lecturer in the Department of Advertising, to discuss iSEE's partnership with the ADV 498 Capstone Course.

  • 4/15/2022

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Friday, April 15 to discuss the Advertising Department Partnership Recommendation, iSEE Jobs Portal Recommendation, and next steps for final meetings of the semester. Meeting minutes are attached.

Project Family


iCAP Team recommendations are a vital part of our community engagement and public input procedures for campus sustainability.  Topical green teams with students, faculty, staff, and community members develop clear and specific recommendations for campus units to enact.  The recommendations are submitted to the iCAP Working Group chair(s) to route, according to the Formal Procedures.  The typical process includes four steps:

1) Submitted: Team submits the recommendation to the iWG chairs.

2) Transmitted: The iWG transmits their assessment of the recommendation to the applicable campus unit.

3) Successful: The unit that received the recommendation replies in the affirmative.

4) Implemented: The recommendation has been implemented.

The list of recommendations that have been submitted by the Engagement iCAP Team are shown below.

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