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Engagement002 Take Action Weblink - Successful

Posted by Meredith Moore on December 12, 2022

Madhu Khanna, Director of iSEE, responded to the Engagement iCAP Team on 12/12/22: 

Dear Engagement Team,

Thank you for submitting the Engagement002 Take Action Weblink recommendation. We agree that clarifying the Campus Sustainability page on the iSEE website to prioritize “taking action” is an important initiative.

While we fully support increasing visibility of sustainability best practices and involvement opportunities, we ask that the Engagement team provides an outlined vision of your suggestions on how to consolidate information on the Campus Sustainability Page. Additionally, please provide examples of what type of actions you would like to see by clicking a “take action” link.

Thank you again for your hard work and we look forward to reviewing your website suggestions!


Madhu Khanna


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