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Engagement002 Take Action Weblink - Transmitted

Posted by Meredith Moore on November 11, 2022

The Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign was renamed to Engagement002 Take Action Weblink. On 11/11/22, the recommendation was transmitted to Madhu Khanna, Director of iSEE, with the following email. The iWG assessment is attached. 


Hello Dr. Khanna,

The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Working Group (iWG) reviewed recommendation Engagement002 from the Engagement iCAP Team about the iCAP Portal. The iWG discussed this and rather than changes to the database repository site of the iCAP Portal, the iWG recommends that iSEE’s communications team, in collaboration with the iCAP teams, take the steps recorded in the attached word document and listed here:

1) For immediate action - Highlight a Student Action button to access the related “Action” page.  Make it consistent throughout the various websites, so the students/users know it is the same link.

2) Look carefully at the iSEE campus sustainability page/site to streamline it and make it a lot more accessible for students, so they know how to take action and understand the progress we’ve made in this area.

3) Develop an image-based site for campus sustainability engagement, with appropriate campus professionals and a student focus group that includes students with visual background and students with sustainability knowledge. Include time-based suggestions (if you have five minutes, if you have 30 minutes, if you have an hour, if you have an hour each week, etc.). Include suggestions for iSEE website, iCAP Portal, and related sites, as well as development of new landing page website.

4) Reassess and renew the message and graphics of the iCAP web-presence on a regular basis (at least every five years).

The Formal iCAP Procedures includes a section on campus unit responsibilities upon receipt of a recommendation, and we respectfully request your initial response to this recommendation by November 30, if possible.  If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, we are happy to discuss this with you further.


Morgan, Jen, and Meredith


See submittal of Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign --> Engagement002 Take Action Weblink recommendation here.
See attached iWG assessment.