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Projects Updates for Engagement iCAP Team

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  1. iWG Meeting Minutes 12-12-22

  2. Engagement002 Take Action Weblink - Successful

    Madhu Khanna, Director of iSEE, responded to the Engagement iCAP Team on 12/12/22: 

    Dear Engagement Team,

    Thank you for submitting the Engagement002 Take Action Weblink recommendation. We agree that clarifying the Campus Sustainability page on the iSEE website to prioritize “taking action” is an important initiative.

    While we fully support increasing visibility of sustainability best practices and involvement opportunities, we ask that the Engagement team provides an outlined vision of your suggestions on how to consolidate information on the Campus Sustainability Page. Additionally, please provide examples of what type of actions you would like to see by clicking a “take action” link.

    Thank you again for your hard work and we look forward to reviewing your website suggestions!


    Madhu Khanna


    See transmittal and iWG assessment of Engagement002 Take Action Weblink here.
    See original submittal of Engagement002 Take Action Weblink recommendation here.  

  3. Engagement003 Sustainability Ambassador Program - Submitted

    The Engagement iCAP Team submitted the attached Engagement003 Sustainability Ambassador Program recommendation to the iWG on 12/8/22. The recommendation states: 

    The Illini Sustainability Ambassador program is meant to have an emphasis in housing but can be applicable in any form across campus. The status would last for one year, with a recertification needed year after year. There will be a one-day introductory training session that covers our own campus sustainability goals (the iCAP). The session includes overview of ILO, Greener Campus Programs, SSC project funding, and highlighting the SSLC and iSEE sustainability event calendars. The introductory session will be at the beginning of the school year, and we will have a celebratory event in April to recognize the people who successfully became sustainability ambassadors. To incorporate the program into housing, there is a checklist of how to make your residence more sustainable (i.e., turning lights off when not in use, eating a vegetarian meal once a week, reusable coffee cup, walking to class, etc.). These actions would contribute to the five hours of volunteering or service that are required to become a sustainability ambassador. 

  4. Engagement005 DIA and Green Sports Alliance - Submitted

    The Engagement iCAP Team submitted the attached Engagement005 DIA and Green Sports Alliance recommendation to the iWG on 12/8/22. The recommendation states as follows:

    The 2020 Illinois Climate Action Plan calls for the university to increase the visibility of campus sustainability efforts by joining the Green Sports Alliance through the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics by summer 2021. While the DIA has not formally joined the Green Sports Alliance, Facilities & Services became a member of the GSA in June 2021, and GSA presented at the October 2021 Illinois Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference. Other Big Ten Institutions involved in the GSA are Indiana University, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, The Ohio State University, The University of Iowa, The University of Michigan, and The University of Minnesota(Swanson 2022).

    University of Illinois Athletics is a role model for college sports. Formally enrolling in the Green Sports Alliance will bridge the gap between organizations/colleges on campus, as well as leading sustainable efforts along with other Big 10 Schools.

  5. Engagement004 ADV498 Sustainability Campaign Partnership - Submitted

    The Engagement iCAP Team submitted the attached recommendation Engagement004 ADV498 Sustainability Campaign Partnership to the iWG on 12/8/22. The recommendation states: 

    The Engagement Team recommends that we implement two sets of campaigns (one designated for students and the other for faculty/staff) that will promote iSEE’s message across campus. Our team has compiled a set of advertising campaigns that were created by this year’s ADV 498 Capstone class to use as advertising materials around the campus. Furthermore, we request that iSEE’s Communication team uses these materials and campaign methods for each term (Spring 2023-Fall 2023 and Spring 2024-Fall 2024). The iCAP Engagement Team can stay involved in this effort if need be. Please see attached documents for Ad Campaign plan.

  6. LW003 Certified Green Building Certification - Declined

    The LW003 Certified Green Building Certification was declined and returned to the team on April 16, 2022 with the following message. 


    Hello Land and Water iCAP Team,

    Thank you for your continued efforts toward making our campus more sustainable and advocating for the iCAP 2020 objectives for Land and Water!  The attached recommendation (LW003 Certified Green Building Certification) has been declined by the iCAP Working Group (iWG).  The iWG reviewed this recommendation in the April 2021 and May 2021 meetings and determined it would be better to consider an awards program, preferably for individual efforts rather than buildings. 

    As your team suggested, I’ll share this information with the Engagement iCAP Team, so they can consider a related recommendation for an awards program.



    See the submittal of LW003 Certified Green Building Certification here. 

  7. Engagement002 Take Action Weblink - Transmitted

    The Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign was renamed to Engagement002 Take Action Weblink. On 11/11/22, the recommendation was transmitted to Madhu Khanna, Director of iSEE, with the following email. The iWG assessment is attached. 


    Hello Dr. Khanna,

    The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Working Group (iWG) reviewed recommendation Engagement002 from the Engagement iCAP Team about the iCAP Portal. The iWG discussed this and rather than changes to the database repository site of the iCAP Portal, the iWG recommends that iSEE’s communications team, in collaboration with the iCAP teams, take the steps recorded in the attached word document and listed here:

    1) For immediate action - Highlight a Student Action button to access the related “Action” page.  Make it consistent throughout the various websites, so the students/users know it is the same link.

    2) Look carefully at the iSEE campus sustainability page/site to streamline it and make it a lot more accessible for students, so they know how to take action and understand the progress we’ve made in this area.

    3) Develop an image-based site for campus sustainability engagement, with appropriate campus professionals and a student focus group that includes students with visual background and students with sustainability knowledge. Include time-based suggestions (if you have five minutes, if you have 30 minutes, if you have an hour, if you have an hour each week, etc.). Include suggestions for iSEE website, iCAP Portal, and related sites, as well as development of new landing page website.

    4) Reassess and renew the message and graphics of the iCAP web-presence on a regular basis (at least every five years).

    The Formal iCAP Procedures includes a section on campus unit responsibilities upon receipt of a recommendation, and we respectfully request your initial response to this recommendation by November 30, if possible.  If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, we are happy to discuss this with you further.


    Morgan, Jen, and Meredith


    See submittal of Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign --> Engagement002 Take Action Weblink recommendation here.
    See attached iWG assessment. 

  8. Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign - Submitted (renamed Engagement002 Take Action Weblink)

    The Engagement iCAP Team submitted Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign recommendation, outlined as follows:

    "Hire a graphic/web design student intern to develop a simple and more organized website to increase university community engagement on the iCAP Portal."

    The recommendation is attached. 

  9. Varsity Room Sustainability Initiatives

    Team Clerk Claire Keating met with Zero Waste Team Clerk Nikki Palella and Justin Holding, a member of the engagement team.

    The meeting content included brainstorming zero-waste food containers for athletes who participate in meals provided by DIA and Hendrick House.

    Meeting also covered updates on Green Sports Alliance recommendation and future contacts.


  10. ADV 498 Midterm Presentations

    Associated Project(s): 

    A few members of the iCAP Engagement Team (Ann Witmer, Kathy Adams, Sophie Fox, Mika Lew, and Justin Holding) attended the midterm presentations for ADV 498, the Sandage Project. The course is currently taught by Shachar Meron.

    Students that were apart of this 8-week Capstone course presented their brand audits and main suggestions to improve the engagement side of iSEE. The teams brought new and creative ideas to advertise sustainability efforts on campus.

  11. iCAP Engagement Team Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    iCAP's Engagement Team met September 14th to discuss new projects for the upcoming semester! The team will be partnering with ADV 498 to support students' sustainability initiatives. The team also made note of in progress projects, such as Green Sports Alliance, Sustainability Art Displays, and Toted.

    The team will meet next month.

  12. iCAP Team Priority Areas 2022-2023

    The following email was sent to the iCAP Teams:

    Hello iCAP Teams,

    Thank you again for serving on these important campus sustainability committees, and for your commitment to helping the university achieve the objectives in the Illinois Climate Action Plan.  As promised in the charge letters you received, we are attaching the Key Priorities Document here.  The attached document includes a section for each iCAP Team, with two parts in each section: Priority areas and in progress iCAP Portal projects.

    1. Priority Areas

    In order to help our campus move from STARS Gold to STARS Platinum, we have identified priority areas where our university can potentially improve. iSEE’s summer intern Tyler evaluated the latest UIUC STARS report and identified example case studies from STARS Platinum schools.  Tyler’s report is online at “Report on Improving UIUC STARS Score.” The priority areas also include topics for potential recommendations that have been brought up in previous discussions with the campus sustainability teams.  One example of this is the current efforts to reduce plastic waste on campus.

    Many prior iCAP team members have expressed a desire for guidance on appropriate topics for recommendations, so we are providing this guidance to assist your team with focus areas for development of recommendations.  We encourage you to investigate these ideas with gusto; reach out to people at other schools to learn more about the ideas and contact people on our campus who would have a stake in the project (“stakeholders”) to understand how it could fit into our campus. You should also review the recommendation template to see the information that needs to be completed when you submit a recommendation to the iCAP Working Group. 

    1. In progress iCAP Portal projects

    The iCAP Portal has over 900 projects and contains information about our campus sustainability efforts, going back as far as 2003. The information is primarily entered by members of the iCAP Teams, the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC), and a few volunteers.  We are requesting your assistance to get updates on some of the projects that are listed as “In Progress.”  For each of the projects listed in the attached file, please answer the following questions:

    • Who is the current contact person? The project records on the iCAP Portal may provide past contacts, and your team members may have relevant information.
    • Is the project completed? If not, what is the current status of the effort?
    • What changes are needed on the iCAP Portal project page content? Pictures would be particularly nice to be able to share on the Portal.

    We are very excited about this coming year, and we want to support you in any way necessary.  Please reach out to any of us at any time.

    Thank you,

    Morgan, Jen, and Meredith

  13. iCAP Team Charge Letters 2022-2023

    iSEE Director, Madhu Khanna, sent out the seven iCAP Team charge letters for the 2022-2023 academic year (attached). 

    "Thank you once again for your service in helping to make the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign a more sustainable campus. Attached is your charge letter for the 2022-2023 academic year with an outline of your campus sustainability duties as part of the iCAP Team. We look forward to your positive and impactful contributions."