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Projects Updates for Engagement iCAP Team


  1. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    On Monday, October 25, the Engagement iCAP Team met to synthesize the themes of sustainability engagement discussed at the team's previous meeting. The four major working themes include: Awareness & Purpose, Technology & Visibility, Culture & Practicality, and Connection & Relationships. Moving forward, the team will break into sub-committees to pursue each of these themes. Meeting minutes attached.

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  2. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Tuesday, October 12 for an ideation session for recommendations for the upcoming semester. New members Kathy Adams, Sonali Kumar and Kavya Mula were introduced to the team along with Shibu Kar, the team's new co-chair! Meeting minutes are attached with a link to the recommendation ideation powerpoint.

  3. Engagement iCAP Team First Meeting of the Fall Semester

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Wednesday, September 29 for the first time this fall semester. During the meeting, members discussed the team mission, updates on all 6 iCAP 2020 objectives, and the iCAP 2021 Objective Assessment. Meeting minutes are attached below.

  4. iCAP Team and iCAP Working Group Kickoff

    We had a great iCAP Team and iCAP Working Group Kickoff on 9/16/21! During the event, we heard from iSEE Interim Director, Dr. Madhu Khanna, went through the team rosters, iCAP Procedures, iCAP 2020 and progress made thus far, and lastly summarized other resources that sustainability advocates should be aware of. 

    The iCAP Teams and iCAP Working Group are instrumental in helping campus advance and achieve our sustainability goals and we look forward to a great year!

    The presentation is attached and the recording is found here

  5. Engagement iCAP Team Final Summer Meeting

    The members of the Engagement iCAP Team met on Thursday, August 19 for their final meeting of the summer. At this meeting, members discussed three pending recommendations the team has been formulating throughout the summer--a sustainability section on the Illinois Homepage, sustainability sections of individual college websites, and uniform recycling signage for blue bins. Meeting minutes are attached below.

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  6. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    Representatives of the Engagement SWATeam met on July 19 to discuss 2 working recommendations: one related to recycling bin signage (having consistent & effective signage in residential halls and offices) and one related to increasing the visibility of the iCAP on university websites. Meeting minutes are attached.

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  7. Engagement Team Summer Meeting

    Representatives of the Engagement SWATeam (Ann Witmer, Alexa Smith, Sammy Yoo) met with iWG representatives (Morgan White, Meredith Moore, Ximing Cai) for a tactical discussion on the team's strategy. Specific topics discussed include:

    • University and college-specific definitions of sustainability
    • Utilization of the iCAP Portal to increase sustainability engagements
    • Resources the team can refer to when creating a strategic plan
    • Creation of an administrative advisory committee of college representatives

    Meeting minutes are also attached.

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  8. Brainstormed Ideas for the ECE Lobby Display and Kiosks

    A document of ideas brainstormed for the displays and kiosks in the ECE lobby was sent to Joyce Mast by F&S contacts. These ideas were created with the goal of having students actively engage with the display through physical interaction, as well as passive engagement while students look at the stations in passing.

  9. Resources for Engagement and Displays

  10. iWG Meeting Minutes 5-14-21

    The iCAP Working Group met on 5-14-21. The agenda was as follows: 

    • Transportation iCAP Team presentation
    • Engagement iCAP Team presentation (presentation attached) 
    • Celebration of success ~ thank you!

    The Zoom recording is found here. (must download in order to view)

  11. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    The Engagement SWATeam met for their final meeting for the semester on April 30. The team contributed their ideas for definitions of sustainability and engagement to be used by the team and iSEE as a whole. These definitions will be refined over the summer. Also, the team plans to work over the summer with iWG to discuss the Engagement Mind Map to make a clear start for next semester. Meeting minutes attached below.

  12. Sustainability Council Meeting 4-28-21

    The Sustainability Council met on April 28, 2021 and discussed the following: 

    • iCAP Dashboard
    • Post-pandemic Implications for iCAP 
    • Student Sustainability Leadership Council
    • Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Task Committee
    • Land Management
    • Overview of F&S Energy Management Plan 
    • Energy004: ACES Energy Performance Contract 

    See PowerPoint attached.

  13. Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Sub-group - Submitted

    The Engagement iCAP team made the following recommendation on 3/29/21. The Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Sub-group recommendation is attached. 

    The Engagement Team proposes that a working sub-group be formed within the General Education Board of the University to address and support the implementation of a sustainability general education requirement proposed by the Illinois Student Government.

  14. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    The Engagement SWATeam met on Friday, March 26 to refine current proposed recommendations, including a General Education Board Sustainability Task Force and Code of Conduct revision. The team plans to submit its General Education Board recommendation by Tuesday, March 30 in time for the next iWG meeting. Additional information on the meeting is included in the attached meeting minutes.

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  15. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    The Engagement Team met on Friday, March 5 to discuss the framework of sustainability engagement the university currently operates, and stakeholders and areas we could potentially target to enhance engagement. Additionally, Matthew Gold from the Energy SWATeam proposed energy reduction engagement ideas, which the team will consider moving forward. Lastly, a recommendation to form an administrative task force to support the ISG Sustainability Gen-Ed resolution was ideated, and will be drafted before our next meeting. The full meeting minutes are attached below.

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  16. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    On February 1, 2021, the Engagement SWATeam met to discuss updates on initiatives assigned at our last meeting. Topics of discussed include:

    • Metrics on sustainability engagement
    • ISG Gen-Ed initiative
    • Sustainability Scholars Program
    • Mandatory Sustainability Workshop
    • Code of Conduct revisions

    Meeting minutes are also attached below.

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  17. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    On December 10, the Engagement SWATeam met to discuss progress within each of its subteams:

    1. Sustainability education and training requirements for new students and faculty

    2. Creating a roadmap of sustainability infrastructure at UIUC and researching initiatives of other universities which have been successful in sustainability engagement

    3. Creating and implementing a GivePulse channel for iSEE under the UIUC account

    4. Promoting the Green Events program at the Illini Union

    Meeting minutes are attached below.


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