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ZW009 Project4Less Expansion - Submitted

Posted by Meredith Moore on December 8, 2022

The Zero Waste iCAP Team submitted the attached ZW009 Project4Less Expansion recommendation to the iWG on 12/7/22. The recommendations states as follows:

We recommend that University Housing Dining Services works with Project 4 Less to divert wasted food to those in need. Project 4 Less packages pre-consumer food waste (untouched food) from LAR dining hall each week and Housing coordinates the food’s delivery to local food pantries, such as Wesley Food Pantry. Meals are then provided to community members experiencing food insecurity. Project 4 Less is currently only working out of LAR dining hall, and there is much more food to be recovered, such as from Ikenberry, ISR, and PAR dining halls.
Similar to how Project 4 Less currently collaborates with Housing at LAR, we request that:
● Housing stores and sets up materials (cold carts, boxes) before packaging events
● Housing saves and stores the food that needs to be packaged
● Housing arranges the transportation logistics (perhaps stops could be added to existing routes)
Ultimately, we recommend that Housing work with Project 4 Less to expand beyond LAR. Project 4 Less has the capacity to provide volunteers as part of a gradual expansion to other Dining Halls.