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Green Roof on iHotel (Completed)


In the Fall of 2012, as a further step to conserve natural resources and encourage sustainability throughout the University of Illinois south campus, a 2,860 square-foot green roof system was developed for the conference center roof, adjoining the iHotel. This eco-friendly system created additional green space and complements the natural landscaping that has already been implemented in the Research Park. While limiting storm water discharge by over 50%, the green roof system also filters and detoxifies runoff, reducing energy usage by 25% through decreased roof temperatures and removing particulates traveling to the Embarras River. "The green roof will help reduce energy consumption and provide "a very nice aesthetic" for hotel guests with views out their upper-story windows, as opposed to a plain black roof," Reported the News Gazette. 

Peter Fox, principal of Resarch Park's private developer Fox/Atkins, said that more green roofs could be installed in other Research Park buildings.

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