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Green Roof on Yeh Student Center NCEL addition (Completed)


Utilizing green roof technology helped NCEL to achieve LEED® Silver, the standard in effect when the project was initiated.   The materials used include various types of grasses, plants, and other vegetation. When properly built and maintained, green roofs can last as long as 75 years as opposed to a conventional roof life of 15 years.  Green roofs lower roof surface temperature, reducing the “urban heat island” effect and creating a cooler microclimate around the building.  In addition, studies have shown that having a green roof reduces the temperature of the building by 30 or more degrees which can reduce cooling costs for a single-story building by 20-30%. The green roofs will also filter particulates out of storm water and reduce storm water runoff from these roof surfaces by 50% to 75%.  Additionally, the green roof serves as a visible symbol of our Campus’ environmental aspirations and commitments.  It will inspire the University community to maintain awareness and rethink the way we approach energy usage on campus.


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Project Team

  • Team Members:

    • Jamar Brown
    • Art Schmidt
    • Ashlynn Stillwell
    • Brent Lewis
    • Eliana Brown

    Prior Contacts:

    • Tim Prunkard


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