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Install Low Flow Fixtures throughout Campus (Ongoing)

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The UI plumbing fixtures are being upgraded to low-flow fixtures.  This includes fixtures such as low-flow urinals that use only one-pint of water, dual flush toilets that allow users to select whether a large amount or a smaller amount of water is needed for flushing, and automatic faucets with aerators, that reduce the flow volume of faucets and also shut off automatically when not in use.  The Facility Standards for plumbing require dual-flush toilets and restricted flows for water conservation.


The campus has installed/replaced:

Roughly 2,500 new faucet aerators, reducing the gallons per minute from 3.5 GPM to .5 GPM at those faucets. 

Roughly 120 new water saving urinals, reducing from 3.5-1.5  gallons per flush to 16 ounces per flush. 

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