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Sustainable Agricultural Food System (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates


This project represents the expansion of the original Illinois Sustainable Food System (ISFP) Tomato Processing Project to include additional produce and grains. Expanded products include baked products from grain grown as part of the Illinois Crop Science wheat breeding program, currants from the Multifunctional Woody Perennial Polyculture (MWP) to produce purees and juices, additional grains to produce puffed, seasoned snacks from an extruder, hot peppers to make hot and wing sauces, pumpkins to produce puree, cookies, and pies, and more. 

These projects have allowed the partnership between the production activities of the Sustainable Student Farm (SSF); the teaching, research, and outreach activities at the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Pilot Processing Plant (FSHN-PPP); and University Housing Dining Services' goal of increasing procurement of locally grown foods to grow considerably. The program now coordinates production of produce and grains with the desired products from the Dining Halls and all processing is handled by the FSHN-PPP, producing quality, sustainable, and local food products and education to the UIUC students.  

A robust student intern program has been built around this program and students learn about value-added processing, shelf-life extension, and other relevant sustainable topics in food processing. It is often a feature of student tours and has served a strong recruiting purpose for potential students to see the dedication to sustainability and hands-on learning. 

Moving forward, the project will continue to grow the types and quantity of products being made, and develop additional partnerships to further education and production of local, sustainable food products. 


This group of projects is an outgrowth of the successful Illinois Sustainable Food Project – Tomato Processing Project. 

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Brian Jacobson

    Project Leader:

    Brian Jacobson

    Team Members:

    • Jedi Brown
    • Youngsoo Lee
    • Nicki Engeseth
    • Matt Turino
    • Bruce Branham
    • Carrie Anderson
    • Crystol Smith


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