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Sustainable Agricultural Practices (In Progress)


A goal for the University of Illinois’ campus, as set forth by the 2010 Illinois Climate Action Plan, is to reduce directly related agricultural emissions by 50 percent by 2020. In order to complete this goal, the campus must shift to more sustainable agricultural and animal production practices. Areas that need improvement include reductions in food waste and the energy required for food processing, preparation, and transportation. The shift to more sustainable practices will also provide a support infrastructure for a local foods network and large-scale food-composting project to eliminate unnecessary food waste. 

Campus emissions in association with agricultural practices add up in several ways, from production to processing, transportation, marketing, and consumption. In alignment with the efforts of the iCAP as a whole, the University must reduce the climate impact of campus food consumption and agricultural production. One strategy put forth in order to reduce agriculture-related emissions is to incentivize sustainable and organic agricultural practices on campus (and campus owned or leased) agricultural lands. Such practices reduce emissions through carbon sequestration and reductions in fossil fuel use on agricultural lands.

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