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Use of Non-Potable Water (such as Greywater) (Proposed)


The 2015 iCAP, chapter 5, objective 5, is "Through an open solicitation process, implement at least four pilot projects to showcase the potential of water and/or stormwater reuse by FY20, with the objective of implementing a broader program by FY25." The first pilot project was initiated during the engineering design of the upcoming Seibel Center for Design.  The AE for the project worked with campus code compliance staff to specify the water capture and reuse system and to draft a request for a code variance to allow the use of greywater.  However, the cost of implementing the system proved to be overly high, and it was removed from the project budget in favor of other sustainability benefits like rooftop solar PVs.


Water Reuse

Water reuse includes using water multiple times in a cascade of applications tat generally have less stringent water quality requirements. It can also include some purification steps that increase the water quality as needed for the subsequent reuse application. The benefits of water reuse include a reduced draw on the aquifer or surface water supplies, and reduced energy and chemical consumption from water treatment processes and distribution. Currently, the campus does not practice a substantial amount of water reuse and does not have a specific strategy for increasing water reuse, mainly due to the state code not allowing and the higher cost of reused water project than treated water project. Given the potential of water reuse to significantly reduce net water consumption and that the revision of state policy, it could be vigorously pursued as a part of the overall strategy for water use reduction on campus.


Substitution of Nonpotable Water

Certain uses for water, especially irrigation, do not require water that is potable. Non-potable sources of water will also be utilized when appropriate, including untreated raw water, sump pump discharge, cooling tower wastewater, stormwater, and greywater. The University has a raw water system across campus that has yet to be connected to a water source. This would allow the campus to purchase lower cost, non-treated raw water from the water company.  The Oak Street Chilling Plant sump discharge water could be upgraded to provide make-up water for the Central Plant Cooling Tower.

 For more information click link: grey water systems.

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