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Projects Updates for Sustainable Agricultural Practices

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  1. SSC Final Report: Local Grains and Locally Processed Foods for Dining Services

    SSC received final report for Spring 2021 for Local Grains and Locally Processed Foods for Dining Services project on 09/27/2021. Please see attached. 

  2. Crop Sciences/ACES - Agronomy Days!

    Crop Sciences/ACES is committed to sustainability and works hard to ensure our land is responsibly managed! They are hosting a series of Agronomy Days; events are free and open to the public though registration is encouraged to reserve your space. Agronomy Day field events will begin on July 22 and run through August 19; tours are held each Thursday from 9 AM - 12 PM. 

    Click here for more information and to register:

  3. Research news about organic agriculture

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative awarded a $2M grant to the University of Illinois and collaborators to "develop improved seed corn tailored to the needs of the rapidly growing organic industry." Martin Bohn will lead the project.

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  4. Research News about regenerative ag.

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    The recently launched Illinois Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (IRAI) brings together Illinois researchers and stakeholders across the U.S. to "create agriculture and food systems resilient to climate change, improve soil and water quality, and enhance food security." IRAI will offer seed grants to interdisciplinary research teams, and an informational webinar will be held on October 30.

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  5. Local Grains and Locally Processed Foods for Dining Services

    The Student Sustainability Committee funded Local Grains and Locally Processed Foods for Dining Services in October 2017.

    This project aims at developing methods that promote locally processed grains for U of I students. This project connects to the Vegetable Crop Farm, FSHN Pilot Plant, and Sustainable Student Farm, offering the final puzzle piece required to offer campus grown grains to UIUC community members. This project will purchase reusable containers to transport grains, and other campus products, between campus farms and campus processing facilities. Moreover, project leaders will analyze both taste and nutrients for Vegetable Crop Farm product.

    The SSC funding will go directly towards:

    1. Reusable storage containers
    2. Analysis equipment