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Update Building Maintenance Procedures to Support Long-Term Energy Savings (Ongoing)

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The University of Illinois has begun to renovate its buildings with sustainability in mind. Energy efficient light bulbs, better insulation and window materials, and more sustainable heating and cooling systems are just a few of the efforts being made for long-term energy savings in campus buildings. For every energy conservation project implemented, there are new preventive maintenance needs identified.  The F&S Building Maintenance team is working to incorporate the operations changes identified by the Retrocommissioning Teams.  Long-term energy savings will also result in cost savings overall, and it contributes to a greener, more sustainable campus.


Building Maintenance will work in conjunction with Energy Services Retro-Commissioning to define changes in maintenance and operation strategies that will sustain the gains made in buildings which have been retro-commissioned.  It is anticipated that manpower and budget resources will have to be enhanced to support that higher level maintenance and operation.

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