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  1. Purchasing analysis of paper and recycled-content underway

    Morgan Johnston and Hursh Hazari met to review the FY15 paper purchases by academic college.  Hursh is going to add some analysis about the costs associated with switching to a minimum of 30% recycled content paper.  He is also going to take the draft purchasing policy proposed to UA (attached here) and modify it to meet UIUC CAM standards.

  2. Paper Policy Recommendation - approved

    F&S Interim Executive Director Helen Coleman approved F&S staff time to work on updating the Campus Administrative Manual (CAM) policy for Zero Waste.  Morgan Johnston will take the lead on this effort. The actual policy update will need approval from the CAM advisory committee.

  3. PWR SWATeam Minutes 2/3/2017

    At the PWR SWATeam meeting on Feb. 3, the team reviewed the status of the Illini Gadget Garage.  It is going very well, and they have hired students to help promote and market the open hours. The team also discussed the proposed recycled-content paper policy.  This policy was not approved at the System level, and UI at Chicago is working to implement their own policy for their campus.  UIUC can do the same, through an update to the existing policy.  Morgan will bring the policy to the next SWATeam meeting for discussion.  Morgan also asked about the SWATeam recommendation process and invited team members to send her comments and suggestions.  The Chair was selected as Fanxing Liu, with plenty of help from iSEE and the SWATeam Clerk, Meghan Killinger, because Fanxing just joined the team.

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  4. PWR SWATeam Meeting Minutes and Agenda for 11.9.2016

    At the meeting, we discussed the Illini Gadget Garage and if there were any ways the SWATeam could promote it more. The grand opening is scheduled for November 12, 2016. The team would also like to propose a campus wide paper policy recommendation but more information needs to be gathered to ensure it will get passed. Campus recycling of batteries is a topic that has come up in the past and now it's possible that the Illini Gadget Garage could be in charge of collecting batteries to later recycle them in Urbana. 

  5. PWR SWATeam Meeting Minutes and Agenda for 10.13.2016

    At the meeting we welcomed Marya Ryan, the new part time zero waste coordinator! The Campus Sustainability Celebration is coming up on October 26th, 2016 and we figured out ways to get the word out and encourage people to come out by sharing the Facebook page. We also went through some of the iCAP objectives and tried to edit some of the information that is listed on the iSEE website. For example, we have switched to using a landfill that captures methane so objective 3 is completed!

  6. PWR SWATeam Meeting Minutes and Agenda for 9.13.2016

    Attached are the PWR SWATeam meeting minutes and agenda for September 13th, 2016. At the monthly meeting, we discussed the Illini Gadget Garage and how this team may be able to help spread the word about this project once it is up and running. Ideas were also generated pertaining to information that will be displayed on posters for the upcoming Campus Sustainability Celebration on October 26, 2016. 

  7. Recycled Content Paper Policy - denied

    This policy proposal was taken to the University Administration SAVPAC committee that decided not to implement it at this time.  Associate director for campus sustainability, Ben McCall gave the SWATeam two reasons: 1) the UA representatives thought this should perhaps be handled at the campus level, and 2) they thought the paper purchased on campus was already primarily paper with recycled content. 

    Ben, Dave Grogan, and Cindy Klein-Benai at the UI Chicago Office of Sustainability are working to provide additional information to the committee, regarding the impact of the proposed policy.

  8. SWATeam Charge Letter for FY17

  9. SWATeam minutes May 9, 2016

    Minutes from the Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling SWATeam on May 9, 2016.  The meeting covered several topics, and was the last meeting with Bart Bartels in attendance.

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