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LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers - Submitted

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on April 12, 2023

The Land and Water iCAP Team submitted the attached LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers recommendation to the iWG on 4/10/2023. The recommendation states:

The Land and Water iCAP team recommends the installation of a permeable paver system to replace the asphalt parking lots surrounding the State Farm Center. Currently, permeable asphalt is already installed in the NorthEast lot off of Kirby Avenue. In support of the Campus Landscape Master Plan and the Green Sports Alliance membership, we propose that the remaining Northwest, SouthWest, and SouthEastparking lots of the State Farm Center are converted to permeable pavement.

We understand that in recent years, the NorthEast lot was converted to permeable asphalt in accordance with University standards. In this recommendation, we are urging the DIA to go above the minimum standard and install permeable pavers at all lots surrounding the State Farm Center.

Suggested unit/department to address implementation: State Farm Center, Student Affairs, and DIA.