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Projects Updates for Land and Water iCAP Team

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  1. Land & Water iCAP Team December 2023 Meeting

    The Land & Water iCAP team met on Teams from 1-2 PM on Friday, December 1st. The team discussed the meadow at Orchard Downs, revising the iCAP Land & Water objectives, and the development of an IPM plan for non-F&S areas. Meeting minutes are attached.

  2. LW006 Permeable Asphalt Maintenance at Lot C9 - Returned

    Parking has limited funding, so during the first May iWG meeting, the recommendation was sent back to the Land & Water team. The committee advised to add in capture rate and return on investment data before resubmitting for another meeting.


    See submitted recommendation LW006 Permeable Asphalt Maintenance at Lot C9

  3. Land & Water iCAP Team November 2023 Meeting

    The Land & Water iCAP team met on Teams from 1-2 PM on Friday, November 3rd. The team discussed permeable pavers at State Farm Center, the meadow at Orchard Downs, cover crops on the South Farm, and the iCAP 2025 rewrite of the Land & Water chapter. Meeting minutes are attached.

  4. LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers - Declined

    The following response was received from John Marquardt on October 16, 2023:


    Good Afternoon,


    Thank you for the recommendation to install permeable surfaces in the State Farm Center parking lots.  I am pleased to report that State Farm Center has recently resurfaced two of its lots with permeable pavements, the SE Lot following the renovation of State Farm Center in 2016, and most recently the NE lot in 2021.


    Project specifications from the most recent lot renovation list the following description and statistics about how this project (and the SE project in 2016) addressed permeability concerns of the lots:


    “A total of approximately 12,500 square feet of permeable pavement was installed in the NE lot.  As detailed on the plans, the pavement section will include a consistent 5” of porous asphalt on top of variable thickness permeable aggregate (varying from 8” to 24”). A single 12” underdrain will run the entire length of permeable pavement patch, and a controlled 6” outlet pipe will be connected to the existing and adjacent 36” storm sewer via a new manhole. While soil types in this area will only allow for very minimal infiltration, the drainage rock will provide enough inherent storage to detain the 1-year, 1-hour storm event. The available storage is approximately 7,000 CU FT and the storm runoff volume for this event is 6,775 CU FT. “


    State Farm Center will be resurfacing the NW and SW parking lots in 2025 as part of planned and budgeted R&R operations. We fully anticipate that these projects will be completed with similar specifications to ensure that they are environmentally conscious with regard to permeability and other factors.


    Thank you for your time and concern.


    Read the iWG transmittal for LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers.




  5. Land & Water iCAP Team October 2023 Meeting

    The Land & Water iCAP team met on Teams from 1-2 PM on Friday, October 6th. The team reviewed the iCAP Land & Water objectives, discussed area/projects of focus for the year, and brainstormed next steps in relation to projects that are underway. Meeting minutes are attached.

  6. LW006 Paver Maintenance - Submitted

    The Land and Water iCAP Team submitted the attached LW006 Paver Maintenance recommendation to the iWG on 4/10/2023. The recommendation states:

    The Land & Water iCAP team recommends that the permeable asphalt in parking lot C9 be vacuumed. An industrial vacuum truck will be required to power wash and vacuum the clogged particulate matter that has accumulated over time.

    Suggested unit/department to address implementation: Parking.

    Attached Files: 
  7. LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers - Submitted

    The Land and Water iCAP Team submitted the attached LW005 SFC Permeable Pavers recommendation to the iWG on 4/10/2023. The recommendation states:

    The Land and Water iCAP team recommends the installation of a permeable paver system to replace the asphalt parking lots surrounding the State Farm Center. Currently, permeable asphalt is already installed in the NorthEast lot off of Kirby Avenue. In support of the Campus Landscape Master Plan and the Green Sports Alliance membership, we propose that the remaining Northwest, SouthWest, and SouthEastparking lots of the State Farm Center are converted to permeable pavement.

    We understand that in recent years, the NorthEast lot was converted to permeable asphalt in accordance with University standards. In this recommendation, we are urging the DIA to go above the minimum standard and install permeable pavers at all lots surrounding the State Farm Center.

    Suggested unit/department to address implementation: State Farm Center, Student Affairs, and DIA.

    Attached Files: 
  8. LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed - Successful

    Morgan White, the Associate Director of F&S of Sustainability and Interim Director of Capital Programs at UIUC, responded to the LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed with the following message:

    Dear Land and Water iCAP Team and iWG,

    Thank you for your continued support and advocacy for the Illinois Climate Action Plan.  Last semester, we received the recommendation below for adding more milkweed around campus to support the monarch butterfly population, and we are happy to take action. 

    F&S has the personnel and expertise to coordinate this effort successfully. The Grounds team will plant milkweed at the low mow zone and prairie areas, prioritizing the locations shown on your map.  Additionally, once our Grounds Workers do the seeding, they will be more likely to know where it is growing in the future and be able to avoid accidental mowings. 

    To assist campus sustainability, F&S is amenable to doing the work without additional compensation.  We will also request $2,500 from the Illinois Green Fund for the purchase of enough seeds for roughly 64,000 SF of space, which can then be divided up into the multiple locations.  Some of the smaller locations suggested may not be planted, depending on future campus building plans.  For the low mow zones, plantings will be prioritized along road corridors where passers-by will be able to see the plants growing and ascertain the success rate. 

    Please let Brent Lewis (copied) know if you have any questions.  We look forward to assisting our pollinator population with this project.



    For future updates related to the Monarchs Need Milkweed, see the Increase Pollinator-Friendly Areas project here. 

    See the iWG assessment LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed and transmittal update here.

    See the original LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed recommendation here. 

  9. Land & Water iCAP Meeting 2/17

    On February 17th, the Land & Water iCAP team met to discuss the details of a permeable pavers recommendation. The team then split off into breakout rooms to organize future soil and water committee initiatives. 

    Meeting minutes are attached.

    Attached Files: 
  10. LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed - Transmitted

    Following approval by the iCAP Working Group, Jennifer Fraterrigo, iSEE Associate Director for Campus Sustainability, transmitted the LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed to F&S Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, Ehab Kamarah, on 12/15/2022. 

    See the original LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed recommendation here. 

  11. Land & Water iCAP Meeting 12/13/2022

    On December 13th, the Land & Water iCAP team met to discuss a new approach to crafting recommendations for next semester; including the creation of a land subcommittee and a water subcommittee.

    Meeting minutes are attached.

  12. LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed - Submitted

    The Land and Water iCAP Team submitted the attached LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed recommendation to the iWG on 12/7/22. The team also submitted a supplemental map (attached) of proposed milkweed locations. The recommendation states as follows:

    The Land and Water iCAP Team recommends the plantings of milkweed (Asclepias syriaca, A. incarnata, A. tuberosa), across the UIUC campus in order to support migratory Monarch Butterfly populations. Plantings could be introduced into existing landscape beds and/or smaller milkweed specific planting beds, as well as in designated low mow zones and prairies.

  13. Status Update on Water006 Recommendation: Lot23 Monitoring

    On May 28, 2022 Meredith Moore sent an email to Arthur Schmidt regarding the status of the Water 006 recommendation:

    Hi Art!


    I hope you are well. I am reaching out to check in about the status of the Water006 recommendation: Lot23 Monitoring. This is an old recommendation that was returned back to the Water and Stormwater SWATeam in August 2019. It can be found here:  Based on the project update, a proposal for funding was to be submitted to the Student Sustainability Committee. Are you aware if this happened?


    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!




    On November 30, 2022 Mrogan White sent the following to Arthurt Schmidt:

    Hi Art,

    Could you please answer these quick questions?

    1. Did you ever move forward with installing a monitoring system of any kind in the parking lot at Florida and Lincoln (Lot F23)?
    2. If the SSC would provide funding for such an installation, would you be able to serve as an advisor for the project and use the collected information?




    On Dec 1, 2022 Art responded:

    Hi, Morgan:

    Many years ago when this first came up we installed an instrumentation vault at the SE corner of the lot where the storm sewer pipe leaves the lot.  We never received any funding to move forward with this, so no instrumentation ever installed.


    I would be thrilled to help/advise with moving this forward.  I would also try to find portions of this where my Field Methods class could help install/calibrate/maintain instruments or collect samples.  I have a couple classes were we could use the data.




  14. LW003 Certified Green Building Certification - Declined

    The LW003 Certified Green Building Certification was declined and returned to the team on April 16, 2022 with the following message. 


    Hello Land and Water iCAP Team,

    Thank you for your continued efforts toward making our campus more sustainable and advocating for the iCAP 2020 objectives for Land and Water!  The attached recommendation (LW003 Certified Green Building Certification) has been declined by the iCAP Working Group (iWG).  The iWG reviewed this recommendation in the April 2021 and May 2021 meetings and determined it would be better to consider an awards program, preferably for individual efforts rather than buildings. 

    As your team suggested, I’ll share this information with the Engagement iCAP Team, so they can consider a related recommendation for an awards program.



    See the submittal of LW003 Certified Green Building Certification here. 

  15. Land & Water iCAP Meeting 11/7/2022

    On November 7th, the Land and Water iCAP team met to review the results of the Milkweed survey, make final edits to the Monarch Butterfly recommendation, and discuss new recommendations inspired by the Campus Landscape Master Plan.

    Meeting minutes are attached.

  16. Campus Sustainability Celebration - 10/17/22

    The 2022 Campus Sustainability Celebration was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated! The PowerPoint presentation is attached, and the agenda for the event was as follows:

    • 3-3:15 PM – Welcome
      • Jennifer Fraterrigo, on behalf of Director Madhu Khanna (iSEE)
      • Chancellor Jones
      • Vice Chancellor Susan Martinis (OVCRI)
    • 3:15 – 3:30 PM – Holistic initiatives
      • Plastic reduction (Jen)
      • Clean energy/Solar Farm 3 (Morgan)
      • Greener Campus Program (Meredith)
    • 3:30 – 4:40 PM – iCAP Team presentations
      • Energy
      • Transportation
      • Land and Water
      • Zero Waste
      • Education
      • Engagement
      • Resilience
    • 4:40 – 5 PM – Student groups (SSLC, SSC) – Jack Reicherts and Maiah Caise
      • Closing remarks by Jennifer Fraterrigo (on behalf of Madhu Khanna)
    • 5 – 6 PM – Celebration - refreshments, roundtable forum with each iCAP Team, student tabling session