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  1. SSC Funding Agreement - Eco Olympics

    SSC approved a $200 micro grant to Eco-Olympics for digital signage in the residential halls. These signs will display progress and energy savings.

    "Eco-Olympics is an energy saving competition between the dorms. Residents sign up for teams which then participate in activities led by hall captains to earn points. Energy use also translates into points, and less energy used means more points. At the end of the three week competition, the team with the most points is declared the winner and members of that team receive a prize."

  2. SSC Funding Agreement - Design for America

    SSC approved a $500 micro grant proposal for Design for America's Social Hack event.

    "During this event, you will learn about the human-centered design process, the methods of creating a circular solution, and finish by applying these concepts and creating your own solution. Come by yourself or with a team to learn  about this initiative and create a solution of your own!This event is open to everyone, whether a student or community member. You don't need to have prior knowledge or have a specific major; we are here to share these insights with you! Lunch will be provided."

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  3. SSC Seeks Faculty Advisors

    SSC seeks new Faculty Member-Advisors for the 2018-2019 academic year. Advisors can expect to commit one-hour per week to SSC, including:

    Attending a biweekly one-hour meeting.
    Attending two three-hour voting meetings per semester.
    Providing students with insight & expertise from your professional & research experience.

    If interested, please contact Cathy Liebowitz, the SSC Coordinator at or 217-300-6429

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  4. iWG meeting minutes April 9th, 2018


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