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Reduce Bicycle Theft on Campus (In Progress)

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Like any large community with many bicycles, bike theft is a problem in Champaign-Urbana.  Bike theft is a real barrier that prevents theft victims from riding bicycles, and discourages others from bringing high-quality bicycles to campus. The University aims to reduce bike thefts on campus by providing better, more secure bicycle parking and storage facilities, a more robust bicycle registration system, and by working with local police enforcement, bicycle shops, and community groups to identify theft deterrents on campus. 

As bicycle theft is a large problem on campus, there is an connection between high theft and ease of theft. Remember to lock your bicycle properly and in the right place. "Where?" and "how?" are questions every cyclist should think about before they lock their bicycle. In general, a solid U-Lock and with a wheel cable are what is recommended. Also, lock you bicycle to an actual bicycle rack and try to bring it indoors over night.



Between August 4, 2011 and March 9, 2016, there were 373 bicycle thefts reported to the University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD).  This number is beleived to be a low estimate, due to under-reporting, and because some bike thefts on campus may have been reported to the local Champaign or Urbana city Police Departments. 

That is an average of 82 reported bicycle thefts a year!

A map of these theft locations can be found here:
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Top areas of bike theft from August 2011-September 2013 (two years):
Area Number of Bikes Stolen
1010-12 W Illinois (ISR) 15
201 N Goodwin Av (Seibel Center) 15
College Court Area (PAR/FAR) 10
405 N Mathews (Beckman) 8
1005 W Gregory Dr (Allen) 7
1005 S Lincoln Av (LAR) 6
205 N Mathews (Newmark) 6
1110 W Green Street (Daniels Hall) 5
1401 W Green St (Illini Union) 5

Source: UIPD 9/17/13


Bicycle Thefts Reported to UIPD (Tracked by Month)

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