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CornCrete (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates


In April 2017 three faculty members received $14,522 from the University Research Board to conduct preliminary investigations surrounding crop residue as a building material at both small and large scale. The results of those initial investigations proved very positive. This project primarily strives to turn corn stalks into a building project. Students have assisted Associate Professor Mark Taylor, from the School of Architecture throughout the project, giving students research and professional development opportunities. The Student Sustainability Committee provided $47,000 in December 2017 to support the design and construction of a demonstration project using agricultural waste. Upon completion, researchers and students will have a better understanding on how agricultural waste materials perform as a building material that can get used at a larger scale. In the past year with the assistance of Veronica Steffen, Evan Burge, and Shriyak Singh two 10 feet wide 14 feet tall demonstration walls have been installed in a weighing room adjacent to the Bio Furnace at the University of Illinois’ Energy Farm. In the coming months a lime render will be applied over the agricultural waste fibers. The team is also working on a video that documents the processes involved in the construction.



This is a Student Sustainability Committee supported project.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Mark Taylor

    Project Leader:

    Mark Taylor

    Team Members:

    • Felipe Flores Garzon
    • Veronica Steffen
    • Evan Burge
    • Shriyak Singh


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