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Broaden Sustainability Education (Proposed)

Project History

  • 2/14/2021

    The Education and Engagement SWATeams initiated conversation with Jessica Nicholson, representative of the Illinois Student Government (ISG).

  • 2/14/2021

    Student members of the Engagement Team, Hiba Ahmed and Miranda Johnson, are currently working on crafting a sustainability roadmap of resources for the university, which the team can utilize for our future recommendations and projects.

Key Objective


The iCAP objective #6.1 is: Broaden the availability of sustainability education across the entire curriculum, beginning with first-year student orientation and continuing through commencement, with at least one of four proposed methods implemented by FY24. 


In the iCAP 2020, four methods for broadening sustainability education were identified:

  1. First-year student sustainability seminar - This is being pursued through New Student Orientation.

  2. Sustainability general education (GenEd) credit - This was proposed through the Illinois Student Government.

  3. 100-level courses - iSEE is talking with the leadership for the Engineering 100 course.

  4. Sustainability workshop - This is being pursued as a Sustainability Best Practices Video.