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ECBS SWATeam meeting minutes

Posted by Diliya Murtazina on April 13, 2017

On the agenda at the ECBS SWATeam meeting:

1) Report from Karl on projects he has been working on:

   a) Enterprise Works - proposed revolving loan project.  Awaiting departmental funding of $350K to complete project. 

   b) Memorial Stadium RCx work - This appears to be getting $500K in funding.

   c) National Soybean Research space walk preview.  

2)  Discussion on LEED requirements as iCAP goal

3)   BIF lighting follow up

4)  Final planning for ILO on Friday, April 14

5)   Updates:

   a) Eco-Olympics

   b) Recommendation for ILO continuation submitted by Marian

   c) Green Labs Coordinator position

6) SWATeam next meeting time and date:  April 27th, from 3:30 to 5 pm.