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ECONS006 Energy Conservation Funding 2017 recommendation - Transmittal

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on April 10, 2018

The iCAP Working Group (iWG) Chair, Dr. Ximing Cai, forwarded the ECONS006 Energy Conservation Funding 2017 recommendation to the Provost following the completion of iWG assessment of the same. 


Dear Provost Andreas Cangellaris:

On behalf of Illinois Campus Sustainability Working Group (iWG), I’m sending you a recommendation on energy conservation funding, which was made by Sustainability Working Advisory Group on Energy Conservation and Building Standards (SWAT-ecbs). The recommendation was then evaluated by iWG

Energy conservation is vital to maintaining our energy savings and emission reductions and has a strong payback. iWG suggests that the Provost’s Office considers this recommendation when reviewing Facilities and Services’ budget for FY19. Attached please see the original recommendation made by SWAT-ecbs and the evaluation of by iWG.

If you have any questions about the recommendation, please let us know. We would appreciate any responses regarding your perspective on this recommendation.

Thank you for your consideration and support to campus sustainability.

Best regards

Ximing Cai


For any future updates on this item, please visit the Utility and Energy Services Funds project.

See iWG Assessment of the ECONS006 Energy Conservation Funding 2017 here.

See SWATeam recommendation ECONS006 Energy Conservation Funding 2017 here.